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Maplewood Driving Range


Maplewood Driving Range              2017-April Hours:  6am - 9pm


You pay: $20 - you receive:    $20 card plus an extra $3 added to the card
You pay: $50 - you receive:    $60 card
You pay: $100 - you receive: $125 card
Driving range 2                       

For your convenience, the Range Cards can be re-loaded.

Driving Range
Maplewood's 30-station, heated driving range is open daily.

For information on instructional programs and hours of operation, call 425-430-6800.

 Driving Range 1

Warm-up Bucket:  20 balls for $3.00

Small Bucket:       40 balls for $5.00

Large Bucket:       75 balls for $8.00