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Original Artwork Showing at Carco Theatre

Application for Displaying at Carco Theatre 

The Renton Municipal Arts Commission showcases two-dimensional works by local artists on a rotating basis in the Carco Theatre Lobby, 1717 Maple Valley Highway.  Interested artists can submit an application for consideration.  For artwork previously shown at Carco Theatre, click here.

Upcoming artists:

August 26-October 4: Beth Betker, oil paintings
October 7 - November 15 - TBD
November 18 - December 27: Christina Strigenz, mixed media paintings

Cheryl Renee Long

Snowy Owl by Cheryl Renee LongThe Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local watercolor artist, Cheryl Renee Long from July 1 to August 9, 2013. A reception will be held on Saturday July 20, 2013 from 1 pm – 4 pm.

Cheryl attended the Burnley School of Professional Art in Seattle, Washington State University and Linfield College in Oregon. Her work is displayed in several northwestern galleries and at major art shows and exhibitions.

Cheryl states, “My father was an early naturalist/photographer and an avid birder. My mother is a textile artist. Both influenced me profoundly. My goal as I paint is to share my deep connection with nature with those who see and purchase my art. My hope for my students and patrons is to offer them my view of joy and life through my art."

David Godwin

ChristingFalls The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local photographer David Godwin. The exhibit will be on display May 20 – June 28. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Sunday, June 9, from 3 – 5 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby.

David and his wife moved Seattle area about 11 years ago. David states, “It is just a fantastic place to live and it’s filled with lots of wonderful places to visit and photograph. I began my hobby of photography about 5 years ago. Since that time I have been hooked and I really enjoy being outdoors with my camera. My main focus and real passion is nature, wildlife and landscape photography. This past summer my wife and I have gone on several hikes to see and capture images of many of the beautiful waterfalls found in the area. I am constantly seeking ways to improve my photographic skills. My goal in photography is to capture the beauty that surrounds us and it gives me great pleasure to be able to share those special moments with others.”

David’s work is currently on display at two locations, Wild Birds Unlimited in Covington and at the Grape Adventure in Kent. Among other awards, he has won six finalist awards from contests at


 Amanda J. DeSilver

Amanda J DeSilverThe Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local artist Amanda J. DeSilver. The exhibit is on display through May 17. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, April 27, from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby.

According to artist Amanda J. DeSilver, “A great deal of our lives is spent in confined spaces—offices, homes, cars, structures not of our making. So too are we restricted by our modes of thought, habits and definitions. In my work, natural landscapes provide the catalyst to creating new environments unfettered by internal and external obstructions. Mountainsides, beaches, even a lone street tree can create room to breathe. Unexpected colors and forms open the mind to new possibilities and clear away the clutter of facts and figures. Contemplation and surprise allow the imagination to wander. I invite you to journey with me to wide open spaces and uncharted territories.” 

Amanda graduated from Syracuse University as a printmaking major in 1993. After years of travel, she struck camp in the Puget Sound area, impressed by the astounding beauty of the Northwest. The unique landscapes of the region inspired her to explore them through painting and collage as well as on foot. Her emotions during these adventures have influenced? her bold and sometimes unusual use of color. Amanda has exhibited in a number of alternative spaces throughout Western Washington for the past decade, participated in public art projects, and volunteered her time in various arts organizations.

For more information, visit or

 Bev Horn

Seattle StrollAcrylic artist Bev Horn's artwork will be on display from January 14 - February 22 Soothe the soul - that's why Bev Horn paints and that's why she encourages others to paint. Bev’s acrylic paintings are vibrant and colorful - to give your eyes a visual feast, especially during the Pacific Northwest rainy season. They are meant to inspire you so you might find your own artistic outlet to soothe YOUR soul! Initially Bev went to college to be an art teacher. She changed her mind early on and decided to pursue a business degree. After 20+ years in the outside sales industry, she decided to take the plunge and open a business based on her first love - art! She currently teaches anyone (no experience necessary; over 21) to be able to paint these paintings at Arts-n-Carafes, a painting and sipping studio in Downtown Renton.   



Debbie McLaughlin

 Debbie McLaughlin The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local mosaic artist Debbie McLaughlin. The exhibit will be on display October 15 – November 30. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, October 20, from 5 – 7 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby.

Debbie fell in love with glass on glass mosaics when she first spotted them in a window display. “I have been called an old soul, which is why I love mosaic. Mosaic bridges the ancient and modern worlds, in all its elements: inspiration, design, materials. Mosaic is design, and it is work. Mosaic is spiritual, yet absolutely physical. Mosaic blends soft beauty and hard-edged tesserae. Mosaic births something new out of brokenness. Mosaic can adorn the body as jewelry, beautify one’s walls or windows, become a

 permanent part of the architecture of one’s home, or create a focal point in the public realm. In bringing a work from dream to concrete reality, I thrive on the interplay of the creative brain, of working with one’s hands, and of the unique tools of the trade. I sense the legacy of my family — a quilt maker, a steelworker, farmers – people who worked with tools to create durable, useful, and beautiful items for their communities. From somewhere in all of this emerges my unique vision.”

To learn more about Debbie and her work, visit  


 Mary Clymer 

local craft artist Mary Clymer


 The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local craft artist Mary Clymer. The exhibit will be on display August 28 – October 12. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, September 1 5, from 5 – 7 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby. Mary will provide felt embellishments/decorations for any attendees who bring an extra t-shirt, skirt, jeans, jacket or similar item for a minimum fee.  Mary considers herself more of a crafter than an artist. She has been actively creating with her hands since before she can remember. She likes to challenge the boarders of what defines art, and what’s considered to be craft. With an Associate degree in the Arts, and a passion for community, Mary has spent the last five years running her own shop, happy delusions, in Downtown Renton. This has been a place for both art and community to come together and experience all the best parts 

about the people who live in the Renton area. 

Mary expresses herself currently through felt. Fun, colorful, and full of 1970’s flare, every piece is one of a kind and done in a free-form method. Mary states, “I craft because life is short and I just want to do what makes me happy! I live my life separate from the "real world." I live in dreams awake. I make things I like and surround myself with my own imagination. That makes things more interesting. So come join my world of delusions and remember life’s just a dream anyway.” 

To learn more about Mary and her work, visit

Brian Forrest 


The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local painter Brian Forrest. The exhibit will be on display June 25 – August 10.  Brian Forrest works in many mediums, from oil painting, computer graphics, theatre to digital music, film, and video. He is a modern expressionist painter whose work is influenced by colors. Brian believes, “Color is the most agile and dynamic medium to create joy.” Brian said, “If you can find joy in your art, then you’ve found something worth holding on to!” Brian studied acting at Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles and digital media in art and design at Bellevue College. He works in the design, media and fine art fields. For more information, visit


 Jan Tervonen 

Composition In Blue and Green by Jan Tervonen May2012The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local watercolor artist Jan Tervonen. The exhibit will be on display May 14 – June 22.

Jan Tervonen grew up in a Finnish-American family, and was taught the values of simplicity, organization and having a sense of humor. She graduated from Michigan Technological University with degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration, and was a software professional by trade. After many years as a successful commercial software executive, she found another passion to augment her creativity – watercolor painting. Mostly self-taught, she has developed a minimalistic abstract style with a wry sense of humor representative of her Finnish-American roots. Her paintings have been featured at local galleries, art centers, and numerous shops in the Seattle area. Jan was the recipient of the Vascovitz Family Scholarship for Drawing and Painting at the Pratt Fine Arts Center where she studied. She is a member of the Pratt Fine Arts Center, the Kirkland Arts Center, the Eastside Association of Fine Arts, and artEAST.

You can also see her work at


Lesli Cohan

Leslie CohanThe Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local photographer Lesli Cohan. The exhibit will be on display April 7 through May 11. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, April 14, from 5 to 7 pm in the Carco Theatre Lobby.

Lesli Cohan has been an avid photographer for more than 20 years, working first in film media and now in digital format, using a full frame format 35mm digital camera. She has studied with professional photographers in the US and France, developing her distinct focus on nature, landscapes, and interesting forms, shapes and textures.

Her work, which has been shown in galleries across the United States, highlights the nature of creativity and communication through photography. Her passion and vision are to show the wonder of nature and our surroundings in a different view. She works extensively in her home state of Washington and within the US and Europe.

Lesli states, “As a photographer, I am always looking for the intriguing viewpoint, the play of light and shadow, an illumination of a moment in time. For any artist, your canvas is where your heart draws you. For me, that is in photographing the beauty that surrounds us in textures, shapes and colors–seeing and interpreting them through my camera.”

To learn more about Lesli and her work, visit

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 Tracy WallschlaegerTracy Wallschlaeger Warhol

The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents an exhibit by local oil painter Tracy Wallschlaeger. The exhibit will be on display February 25 – March 30. The public is invited to meet the artist at a reception on Saturday, February 25, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. in the Carco Theatre lobby.

Tracy graduated from Central Washington University in 1985 with a BA in graphic design. She was the recipient of both The Morris Merit Scholarship and The Little Art Gallery Scholarship. Her work includes paintings that have been featured in numerous community art walks as well as larger scale projects for Seattle Animal Shelter, Shoreline Community College and First Avenue Women's Shelter. Her poster design for United Way's combined fund drive was selected as the prize-winning entry for their annual fundraising efforts and her Spay and Neuter poster for Seattle Animal Shelter was selected as the national shelter poster prize winner for promoting animal care. Her influences include Edward Hopper, Georgia O'Keeffe and local artists Z.Z. Wei and Lois Silver. The pieces in this show gather inspiration from the idea in the movie “The Golden Compass,” in which the soul resides outside the body.




John Smither

The Renton Municipal Arts Commission proudly presents local oil painter John Smither. The exhibit will be on display January 9 – February 17. John Smither

John Smither’s latest series revolves around a rough interpretation of the interplay between the cedar and blackberry plant forms. He sees the blackberries as, “a quick growing alien interloper of the Seattle area, while the cedars are the long lived, older established norms which have been here a very long time." He has taken fairly simple subjects and injected them with a visual rhythm, gesture and emotional interpretation. In Smither’s work, season, place, time of day and visceral experience all come into play.

John Smither is originally from the Chicago area and grew up in the Midwest, earning a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Washington University in St. Louis. After showing in Chicago for many years, he moved to Seattle and is a founding member of Core in Pioneer Square.

To view more of his work, visit


Location and Hours

Carco Theater, adjacent to the Renton Community Center, is located at 1717 Maple Valley Highway at the intersection of I-405 and Maple Valley Highway. Theater hours of operation are 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, with additional viewing on show nights. Please contact the theatre for show times at 425.430.6706.