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Arterial Circulation Program – 2017-2022 TIP #31

Project Manager – Keith Woolley, 425-430-7318

Description – In order to ensure compliance with legislation, such as the State and Federal Clean Air Acts, the Growth Management Act, and consistency with the RTA plan (Sound Transit) and local and regional transportation plans, multi-modal transportation planning is a high priority. 

This program provides for the long-range and short-range planning and traffic analysis required to evaluate and update the Transportation Element in relation to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, to assess the impacts of new development proposals and to recommend local and regional transportation system improvements for all modes of travel. 

Funding for hardware, software and staffing to maintain the computer traffic model is also included under this program.  Ongoing planning work leads to refinement and/or adjustment of the of improvement projects on the arterial network identified in the Transportation Element.     
Schedule – This is an ongoing program.

Project budget – Roughly $1.65 million programmed through 2017.  $250,000 is unfunded at this time.