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Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Program – 2012-2017 TIP #25

Project Manager – Chris Barnes Sr., 425-430-7321

Description – This program provides funding for improvements to the operational efficiency of the existing roadway system, as it is very cost effective to improve the capacity and efficiency of the existing roadway system.  Projects supported by this program may include: development and implementation of signal coordination programs; signing and channelization improvements; surveillance control and driver information system (SC & DI); transit signal priority; Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Master Plan, signal improvements such as protective/permissive phasing, and matching funds for possible grants to upgrade the central traffic control system.

Schedule – This is an ongoing program with upgrades to all signal controllers (to be compatible with the new central system) continuing.  The program's goal is to replace signal controllers at ten intersections per year.          

Project budget – $320,000 is programmed through 2017.  The program is fully funded.