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Barrier-Free Transition Plan Implementation – 2017-2022 TIP #29

Project Manager – Jim Seitz, 425-430-7245


Description – To ensure compliance with federal law, this program implements projects supporting the City's effort to transition pedestrian facilities within the right-of-way into conformity with provisions contained in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidelines. This program also provides funding for designing and building features on an "as-needed" basis in response to individual requests to improve access for individuals with specialized needs.   

An annual project list will be developed based upon sites identified in the Transition Plan section of the City of Renton Comprehensive Citywide Sidewalk Study.  The project will have an annual target budget of about $30,000, with the remaining $20,000 set aside to respond to requests to address barriers to movement from individuals with special needs.

Schedule – This is an ongoing annual program established in 2008.

Project budget – $265,000 programmed through 2017 with $50,000 programmed each year.  $63,000 remains unfunded.