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Arterial Rehabilitation Program – 2012-2017 TIP #2

Project Manager – Jayson Grant, 425-430-7400

Description – As funding is available, this program rehabilitates arterial streets where the restoration requirements are beyond that which can be accomplished through the annual Street Overlay Program (TIP#1).  Installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps has been incorporated into the annual Arterial Rehabilitation and Overlay programs based on new federal requirements.

The Street Overlay Program typically concentrates on maintenance of residential streets, whereas the Arterial Rehabilitation Program places emphasis on repairing arterial streets.  Arterial streets can often deteriorate rather quickly and often require more costly rehabilitation measures and/or costly temporary repairs to avoid more extensive deterioration.  This program is managed by the Maintenance Services Division.    

The Renton City Council desires an Overall Combined Index (OCI) for Renton street surfaces of 80 or greater.  Currently, the OCI is 70.  

Schedule – This is an ongoing program.  This work primarily occurs in the summer when the weather is drier and warmer. 

Project budget – $2.38 million is programmed through 2016.  A 5% annual cost increase is incorporated into this program budget. 

2012 – Monster Road S.W.
2013 – Benson Road South, phase #1 ( SR 515 to south 26 street)
2014 – Benson Road South, phase #2 ( south 26 street to I-405 Bridge)
2015 – North 3rd ( Logan Avenue North to Houser Way North )
2016 – North 4th ( Burnett Ave North to Factory Ave North )
2017 – Airport Way South ( Rainier Ave to Logan Ave)
* This order and list is subject to future pavement ratings and may change.