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signal loops at SW 16th and LInd

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Preservation of Traffic Operation Devices – 2012-2017 TIP #24

Project Manager – Dave Whitmarsh, 425-430-7423

Description – Most of Renton's signals require extensive vehicle detection systems to provide traffic count data needed for the intersection controllers and ACTRA signal coordination system to operate effectively.  The detection loops in the pavement must be properly maintained.  Detection loop failure results in highly inefficient signal operation. 

Heavy traffic volumes, heavy trucks, and adverse weather affect pavement conditions and increases the need for loop replacements.

This program replaces failed or failing traffic signal vehicle detection loops and repairs pavement as required to achieve proper installation and assure reliability. 

This program also replaces and/or relocates signs that are obsolete, faded, poorly located or no longer appropriate, and replacement of damaged luminaire and signal poles. 

Schedule – This is an ongoing yearly program.

Project budget – $516,000 is programmed 2012 through 2017.  This program is completely funded.