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Intersection Improvement Photos 1-9-09

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Intersection Safety & Mobility Program – 2012-2017 TIP #22

Project Manager – Chris Barnes Sr., 425-430-7321

Description – This program designs and constructs traffic signals identified by the transportation signal priority needs list, including intersection improvements.  Traffic signal projects are often needed to meet increasing demand or to address the need for signalized traffic control.  Intersections without signalized traffic control will be evaluated.  Elements used to prioritize candidate intersections may include vehicular approach volumes, accident analysis, signal-warrant analysis, and pedestrian volume.

The priorities and schedules for new traffic signals will be set by the transportation system traffic signal warrant priority list.  The candidates on the list are determined by citizen concerns, intersection safety, mobility needs, and intersections that meet MUTCD traffic signal warrants.

Candidate intersections high on the list include:
NE 4th Street & Whitman (installation in 2012)
SW 34th Street & Lind Avenue SW
SW 41st Street & Oakesdale Ave SW

Schedule – Historically, on the average, one new signal has been designed and constructed every two years to meet safety and mobility needs.

Project budget – Approximately $1.26 million is programmed through 2017.