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Street Overlay Program – 2012-2017 TIP #1

Project Manager – Jayson Grant, 425-430-7400

Description – Annual program for rating, repairing, and resurfacing existing roadways.  Installation of Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant curb ramps has been incorporated into the annual Street Overlay and Arterial Rehabilitation programs according to new federal requirements.  This program coordinates with the Arterial Rehabilitation Program (TIP#2).  This program is managed by the Maintenance Services Division of the Public Works Department.

Asphalt overlaying and slurry sealing streets provides for improved driving surface and are highly cost effective ways to avoid expensive repairs or reconstruction.  The computerized Pavement Management System and yearly survey of roadway conditions greatly improve the efficiency of the Overlay Program.  The arterial streets are rated every year, while the residential streets are rated every other year.  The City Council desires pavement ratings within the City of Renton to have an Overall Combined Index (OCI) of 80 or better.  Currently, the rating is 70. 

Click here to see a map showing locations repaved in 2011.   

2012 Overlay Map 

Schedule – This is an ongoing program.  Principally, repaving work occurs during the summer when it is drier and temperatures are warmer and this is usually during the months of July and August. 

Project budget – This program funds overlays on neighborhood streets and collector streets.  The Arterial Rehabilitation Program funds major and minor arterials.  With the Benson Hill annexation in 2008, 45 miles of roads were added to Renton. 

$819,110 was programmed for 2011 and a 5% annual cost increase has been added in each following year for a total of $7 million to be programmed 2012-2017 with $675,000 of this program unfunded.