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Vial of Life

A program that helps provide firefighters and medics with important medical information during a medical emergency.

Why is a person's medical information important?

If the fire department responds to a patient's home for a medical emergency, first responders needs to obtain patient information and medical history very quickly. Sometimes this is difficult due to the stress of an emergency situation, or the patient may not be able to communicate because of the medical condition. Having medical information readily available can help firefighters and medics save valuable time and provide the patient with the highest quality of care.  One good way to provide this information is with the Vial of Life program.

Vial of Life

The Vial of Life program is provided by the Medic One Foundation and is in partnership with Bartells

The vials come with a blank medical information form, a Vial of L.I.F.E. sticker and a magnet. All you need to do is complete the form and place it in your refrigerator.

Vials are available at Bartells for just $1 (with net proceeds benefiting the Medic One Foundation).