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Legal Notice to Washington, Idaho, and Oregon Residents:

If You Own A Home or Property with Cadet Heaters, This Notice May Affect Your Rights.

This is a Court-ordered notice to residents of Washington, Oregon, or Idaho with in-wall electric heaters manufactured by Cadet Manufacturing Company, models FX, LX, TK, ZA, RA, RK, RLX, and RX ("Cadet Heaters").

Plaintiffs' Class: A class action lawsuit has been certified by the King County Superior Court against Platt Electric Supply. You are a member of the Class if you live in Washington, Oregon, or Idaho and if you own or have occupied real property in which Cadet model FX, RX, ZA, RZ, LX, RLX, TK, and RK heaters have been installed. The Court has appointed Jacque Dean, Russell and Denise Hoogheem and Janet Hoover as class representatives and Darrell Scott of Lukins & Annis, P.S., Spokane, WA as lead counsel for the Class.

Plaintiffs' Claims: The Plaintiffs allege that Platt Electric Supply ("Platt") was a distributor and seller of Cadet Heaters. Plaintiffs allege that the subject Cadet heater models are defective in their design and manufacture and that consumers have incurred costs in repairing or replacing their defective heaters so as to avert dangers to themselves and their property. Plaintiff's also allege that some class members have incurred physical damage to property caused by overheating or fire in these heaters, such as burning or discoloration of carpeting or other floor covering immediately in front of the heater.

Defendant's Contentions: Defendant Platt denies liability. Defendant Platt contends that the Cadet Heaters are safe and contends that homeowners' claims are barred by certain defenses.

The Court has not decided the merits of the parties' claims and defenses which will be determined at trial.

Relief Sought: Plaintiff's seek recovery for costs involved in efforts to avert fire dangers to self and property including installation of new safety limit switches and costs associated with replacing Cadet Heaters. Other relief sought by plaintiffs include compensation for physical property damage and damages stemming from interference with use and enjoyment of real property. Plaintiffs do not seek recovery for bodily injury caused by these products.

Your Rights: If you are a class member and you do not wish to participate in this litigation, you have a right to exclude yourself from the Class. If you wish to be excluded from the Class, you must complete an Exclusion Request Form and return it to Cadet Heater Litigation, P.O. Box 285, Spokane, WA 99210-0285, by mail postmarked no later than September 4, 2001. You may obtain an Exclusion Request from the website: You may also request a copy of that Form by contacting Class Counsel at 1.888.318.2371. If you elect to exclude yourself from this litigation, you will not receive any benefits from a favorable outcome of this action, nor will you be bound by an unfavorable judgment.

If you wish to remain a member of the Class, you are not required to do anything at this time. By remaining a class member, you will be entitled to participate in any recovery, and may, if you wish, enter an appearance through your own counsel at your own expense. If you want to remain a member of the Class, you should NOT file an Exclusion Request Form.

For more information about this litigation, to identify yourself as a class member or an individual who suffered physical property damages, or to provide information you believe would be helpful in establishment of class claims, you may call Class Counsel at 1.888.318.2371, or write to Class Counsel, Cadet Heater Litigation, P.O. Box 285, Spokane, WA 99210-0285, or fax to 1.509.363.5203, or send an e-mail to You may also examine and copy the pleadings in this litigation at any time during regular office hours at the office of the Clerk of Court, Room E-609, King County Courthouse 516 Third Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104.

By Order of the Court Dated: July 12, 2001.

For more information about this litigation or to identify yourself as having suffered physical damage to property, such as floors, you may contact Class Counsel at 1.888.318.2371 or visit