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Parks and Trails

Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Parks Division Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey Form is now available. Survey forms can also be printed, filled-out, and mailed to Renton City Hall or dropped off at the following locations: Renton Senior Activity Center; Renton Community Center; and Highlands Neighborhood Center.  Paper copies of this survey are available at kiosks along the Cedar River Trail and at the three locations listed above. Thank you for taking time to respond. We appreciate your feedback.

Landowner Collaboration for Knotweed Control along the Cedar River

Starting in late August, Parks Maintenance staff and contractor crews will begin treating knotweed along the Cedar River from Ron Regis Park to Interstate 405. Knotweed, an aggressive invasive plant, has degraded soils, and wildlife and fish habitat in recent years. It forms thick stands of bamboo-like stalks containing large heart-like shaped leaves that out-competes native vegetation. The City of Renton is partnering with the King Conservation District, the Friends of the Cedar River Watershed, Applied Ecology, and others to eliminate knotweed over the next three years. More than 11,000 native trees and shrubs will be planted by volunteers on both public and private lands beginning in late 2015 and 2016 where knotweed has been eliminated. Treatments this year will be completed by the end of September. Spot treatments will continue in 2015 and 2016 where knotweed has re-grown. The City of Renton was awarded a grant to perform this work from the King Conservation District. For further information, please contact Terry Flatley, Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Manager at or at 425-430-6600.

 Riverview Park Bridge Demolition Starts in late July

The existing bridge over the Cedar River at Riverview Park will be demolished and removed, from about July 22, 2014 through mid-September 2014. A 2012 structural assessment rated the bridge as in “poor condition.” Its creosote soaked timber pilings are in the middle of the Cedar River, as well as both river banks, and have caught log debris over the years that the City cleans out. The City received a legislative appropriation in 2013 which funds a new single span bridge replacement. Due to the narrow “fish window,” where construction in the river is limited to July and August, the new bridge will be installed during that time in 2015.

The parking lot will be closed during construction. Access to the park will be via the Cedar River Trail, either from Maplewood Roadside Park to the east, or the NARCO property to the west. Construction crews will be using the Trail at times too, to access the bridge from the Park side. The restroom at Riverview Park will be closed until the new bridge opens, and a porta-potty will be placed on the Trail. Please contact Todd Black if you have any questions.

Cedar River Trail Between Logan and Bronson Way Bridges to Close July 31 to mid-September 2014

The lower Cedar River Trail along the river’s right (north) edge will close to repair damaged gabions (rock filled wire baskets). These gabions protect the Trail, and were damaged in a large flood in January 2009. The city has received FEMA funding to replace approximately 400 linear feet of gabions, in five different sections.

The lower Cedar River Trail will be closed from Bronson Way N. to Logan Ave. N. Walkers shall use N. Riverside Drive on the right (north) bank, or the Cedar River Trail on the left (south) bank. Construction staging will occupy half of N. Riverside Drive between Wells Ave. N. and Williams Ave. N., so walkers shall cross to the south side of the Cedar River and avoid this portion of N. Riverside Drive.

On July 31 and August 1, the upper Cedar River Trail, on the right bank, will be closed for the delivery of material to the lower trail. Walkers should use the left bank trail for these two days.

Please contact Todd Black if you have any questions.

City of Renton Parks Division maintains 29 developed public parks, 13 miles of trails, 813 acres of public open space, an 18-hole public golf course, two lake-front beaches and a public boat launch. Over the past few years, significant investments have been made in the park system in Renton; the Piazza, Heritage Park, a skateboard facility, and the Veterans' Memorial Park have been completed.  Additionally, the Cedar River Trail extends east to the city limits (and beyond to the City of Maple Valley) and connects to the Cedar River Boathouse on Lake Washington.


The City of Renton’s has implemented a comprehensive program to enhance overall safety in its trails.

Cedar River Trail 2

For more information on rules and trail etiquette.  Click the Share the Trail link to the right.

See the Master Park Directory for a complete list of the parks and trails in Renton.

When using the parks and trails, please be aware of and abide by the Park Rules and Regulations and the Cedar River Trail rules.  To find out more information about how parks are maintained, please visit "Integrated Pest Management Program".

Learn about our new volunteer and sponsorship opportunities by going to Adopt a Park, Program or Participant.

Meadow Crest Playground

Accessible Playground350

“The Meadow Crest Playground is a joint effort of the City of Renton, the Renton School District and many community funding partners and individual contributions. The accessible playground was designed for all ages and abilities. It shares property between the Meadow Crest Early Learning Center and the North Highlands Neighborhood Center. The playground is open dawn to dusk, seven days a week during summer vacation.”  Read more.

Email the Parks and Golf Course Director 


Your contribution to Renton’s Parks and Trails System, no matter how large or small, will be gratefully received and put to good use.   Your tax deductible gift will help continue to make Renton’s Parks and Trails a wonderful place to recreate.
**All donors, whether through monetary or a “Park Element” contribution over $250, will be recognized on the GROWING TREE, located in the vestibule of the Renton Community Center.**

For more information click on links below.
Donor Recognition and Information
Donation Application
FAQ’s – Park Donation and Memorial Policy
Park Donation and Memorial Policy