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Guide to Non-Toxic Products

The following is a list of safer substitutes to hazardous household products. Generally, these substitutes can be bought in grocery stores.

 Toxic Product  Non-Toxic Alternative
 Aerosol Spray  Non-aerosol, pump-type spray
 Ant Control  Cream of tartar or red chili pepper in their path
 Aphid Killer  Soap and water spray
 Bathroom Cleaner  Borax, vinegar, and water
 Bug Spray  Screens on windows and doors
 Chemical (Synthetic) Fertilizers  Slow release/organic fertilizer
 Copper Cleaners  Pour vinegar and salt over copper and rub
 Deodorizers/Air Fresheners  Simmer cinnamon and cloves
 Drain Openers  Plunger or a plumber's snake
 Flea Repellant  Use a flea comb on pet
 Floor Cleaner  Vinegar and water
 Furniture Polish  Olive and almond oil
 Glass and Window Cleaner  Vinegar and water
 Laundry Detergent  Liquid detergents or soaps with low or no phosphates
 Oil- or Solvent-Based Paint  Water-based or latex paints
 Oven Cleaner  Baking soda and water or automatic cleaner
 Rat Poison  Mechanical-snap or non-snap traps
 Rug and Upholstery Cleaner  Club soda for spills
 Scouring Powder  Baking soda
 Snail/Slug Bait  Surround plants with copper band barrier or beer traps
 Toilet Bowl Cleaner  Borax or baking soda
 Weed Killer  Hand pull, long handled weed puller, pour boiling water on them if between cracks in the sidewalk