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Skate Park at Liberty Park


Renton's Skate Park, located in Liberty Park, offers children, families and skating enthusiasts exciting thrills - from quarter pipes and skateable artwork, to highlights such as a twinkie, a funbox, mounds, bowls, a half pipe and more. The skate park is located inside Liberty Park at the site of the former Henry Moses Pool. 

Liberty Skate Park is an essential part of a well-rounded recreation program. As with other recognized sports Skate Parklike football and baseball, skating provides a good outlet for youths and other enthusiasts to learn new skills and meet new people. 

What sets Renton's park apart from other area skate parks, according to Scott Yamamura,a local professional skateboarder and skate park designer, is the inclusion of skateable artwork funded by the Renton Municipal Arts Commission 1% for Art monies. The artwork is comprised of what skaters call whoop-de-dos, a series of hump-like ramps. The effect is of a "river" of colored concrete with boulders. This functional element is also called "Rolling Waters" and mimics the motion of water. "The art was purposed to not only please the eye, but also serve as an obstacle to be used in the park. As a skateboarder, it should be quite an experience to be cruising along the dynamic shapes and perform tricks across boulders," he says.

The skate park itself is about 8,400 square feet and includes obstacles for varying degrees of ability. Since novice skaters as well as more experienced skaters were involved in the design process, the park is accessible for all skill levels.  Skater-friendly elements include two bowls, hips (two ramps meeting at an angle), quarterpipes and halfpipes-(curved ramps), a funbox (which includes ledges and a railing) and a twinkie (an elongated, curved ramp).