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Clean-up Information

Clean-up Requirements

To ensure the return of your security deposit, the staff person on duty must check the facility before you leave. He/she will point out any areas of concern. Any cleaning and/or repairs that require Community Center staff will be deducted from your deposit. It is helpful to use your DJ (or other entertainment) as a tool in providing a smooth end to your event. Set a firm time for last dance/song and arrange for your entertainment to give a subtle goodnight message to your guests. Liquor must stop being served and music must stop one hour before the end of your rental. If any additional clean up must be done by the Renton Community Center staff, the person who signed the application will be billed for clean up fees in addition to the non-refundable security deposit. The following are the renter’s responsibility:

  • Remove all garbage and place in the dumpsters located directly outside the kitchen door.
  • Pick up any garbage left on the patio.
  • Cleaning supplies are provided which includes brooms, dustpans, paper towels, garbage bags and disinfectant spray.
  • Wipe down all kitchen countertops with disinfectant spray and a clean towel.
  • Clean up any spills in the refrigerator/freezer and oven.
  • Wipe down all banquet tables with the disinfectant spray and clean towel.
  • Clean all floor surfaces. Sweep and mop as necessary.
  • Any spills on the banquet room floor must be cleaned up immediately.
  • Please bring tables and chairs inside of the outdoor patio area.
  • Remove everything brought to the facility.
  • Check out with staff prior to leaving.

Note: Prior approval is needed from the Community Center Coordinator before leaving any items in the facility for future pickup. The Renton Community Center is not responsible for any equipment left in the facility.