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Lost Pets and General Animal Information

To check on a lost animal within the city limits of Renton, click here.

The Renton Police Department employs two full-time Animal Control Officers to serve those citizens who reside within the city limits of Renton. The Animal Control Officers are responsible for the following:

  • To investigate and enforce noise violations, such as barking dogs
  • To report on and quarantine biting animals
  • To pick-up domestic animals in violation of the city's trespass ordinance
  • To enforce leash law violations by citations
  • To advise/educate citizens on the use of traps for nuisance cats or wildlife
  • To investigate animal cruelty complaints
  • To enforce the city's licensing requirements for dogs and cats
  • To take reports of lost/found domestic animals
  • To aid any sick or injured animal
  • To pick-up any stray or deceased animal on the roadway
       - Any stray, domestic animals that are impounded by the Renton Police Department may be taken to any local shelter or veterinarian.  If the animal has identification such as an ID tag or microchip, attempts to contact the owner are made.  Animals without identification are held for a three-day holding period, then are put up for adoption according to health and temperament. The Lost/Found form can be used in order to assist us in locating your pet or to help us in returning an animal to its owner.

The following are instances that are not handled by the Renton Police Department, Animal Control Unit:

  • Issues outside the city limits of Renton
      - If you live in King County (including unincorporated King County), please contact King County Animal Control
  • Rodents or insects
  • Cats in trees
  • Owned deceased animals
  • Calls that need immediate response (call 9-1-1)
      - Loose animals for pick-up
      - Vicious or threatening dogs
      - Animals in a trap
      - Sick or injured animals
      - Reports of dog bites

King County Animal Control
21615 64th Avenue S
Kent, WA
(206) 296-7387

If you would like to give a pet away, please contact:

The Humane Society
13212 SE Eastgate Way
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 641-0080


Complaint forms can be downloaded or you can receive one directly from the Animal Control Officer at the Renton Police Department.  The forms should be filled out for issues such as barking dogs, habitual loose dogs, and property destruction caused by dogs.  This form should not be used for complaints that need immediate attention, such as loose or vicious dogs (call 9-1-1).

To leave a message for a Renton Police Animal Control Officer call (425) 430-7550.  






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