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Cedar River Dog Park

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How large is the dog park?
The dog park is approximately 3.75 acres in size, including the shy/small dog area.

Is drinking water available year-round?
Water is available in the main off-leash area from April through October, but will be shut off during the colder months due to the water line's susceptibility to frost damage. It will be necessary for dog owners to bring drinking water for their dogs during that period.

Is there an area for shy or small dogs?
Yes, we have built a separate fenced area for small or shy dogs that aren't comfortable playing in the main dog park. The small dog area is about 8,000 sq ft. and has a separate gated entrance. There are no firm rules regarding what size dogs can use the smaller area, so we ask that dog owners use their best judgment in gauging whether their dogs are a good fit for the area.

Is the dog park wheelchair accessible?
Yes! The entrance on the north side, off the Cedar River Trail, of the dog park is wheel chair accessible. Just follow the paved river trail until you reach the gate.

Where is parking located?
Parking for the off-leash area is available in the unimproved lot at the head of the Cedar River Trail, located under the I-405 overpass. Parking is also available along the street leading to the trail head. In addition, there are quite a few parking spaces available on the other side of the Cedar River at the Renton Community Center's west parking lot, which is easily accessed via the pedestrian bridge spanning the river.

Will dogs be able to swim in the Cedar River?
No, the dog park is located on the opposite side of the Cedar River Trail from the Cedar River, and there is no access to the river itself.

I'd like to volunteer. How can I contribute?
The best thing to do would be to complete the volunteer form on the website.


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