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Speed Measuring Devices Certifications

LP05581Click on the serial number below of the speed measuring device in which you want to view or print.

Certifications are filed in date order with the most recent filing displayed first. 
Please contact the City Prosecutor's Office if the certificate needed is not posted online.


Serial Number Serial Number
E21237* FF10393  
D5154 FF10398
FF5002 FF12507
PL11035 FF13417
PL12544 FF13421
PL16826 FF14640
PL17368 FF15364
T1323 FF17430
T1621 FF17570
XEO3212* FF17678
FH02736  FF18302 
FF4602 FF18303
RP01080 FF3366
FH03144 FF3367
FH03145  FF3368
FH03146 FF4836
XE15906 FF5070
LP03675 KK28368*
AS009043 FF19343
AS009006 FF19344
LR101557 AS007114
LR101558 AS007183
DB5149 Vehicle Certifications