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Meadow Crest Playground

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Meadow Crest Playground

Meadow Crest Playground Closed August 3 – 5, 2015

The playground will be closed for repairs for these three full days. Some of the soft surface material surface is failing prematurely, and will be replaced with new material and color. The project is under warranty, and the orange portions are fading in the sunlight. The new surface will be a terra cotta color. For public safety, and to protect the material while it cures, the City is closing the entire playground for three days.

Meadow Crest Playground is a wonderful place for kids, families and their caretakers. Known as an inclusive playground, this vibrant and colorful outdoor space features fun and challenges for people of all ages and abilities. Spin on the open frisbee, swing in the saucer, and climb the caterpillar, then bang on the oversize drums and chimes to your heart’s content. Challenge yourself and your friends, or rest in the shade of the shelter or on the grassy mound. This is Renton’s, and the Pacific Northwest’s greatest playground!

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Meadow Crest Playground

3000 NE 16th Street


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