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Meadow Crest Playground

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Meadow Crest Playground

Meadow Crest Playground closed during school hours
Monday - Thursday   9:15am - 4:15pm

The playground is shared with the Meadow Crest Early Learning Center and is closed to the public during school hours.  

Meadow Crest Playground

3000 NE 16th Street

Meadow Crest Playground has been open since May 17 and every day there are a ton of kids and their caregivers playing, sharing, and learning.  Join us and make new friends, laugh, and enjoy the summer sun at the newest and best playground around!



Clamber over the 25-foot long caterpillar, ramble up a rock wall, strike the chimes and roll on a wavy  walk


The Renton Accessible Playground is an exciting joint effort between the City of Renton, the Renton School District, Renton Rotary and is also supported by multiple community funding partners and individual contributors.  The accessible playground is being designed for all ages and abilities.  It will share property between the new Meadow Crest Early Learning Center (formerly Hillcrest Early Childhood Learning Center)  and the North Highlands Neighborhood Center.  And there's an official name, Meadow Crest Playground.   The estimated completion date is Spring 2014.

The City is actively seeking additional funding partners. For donation opportunities, please call Community Services at 425-430-6600.
Click here for Meadow Crest Playground Master Plan- pdf. 




Progress can now be measured daily! 99% of the play equipment is in, all the walkways are poured, and the color top of the soft surface playground material is getting spread out, weather depending. We love those sunny days! 

See you at the Grand Opening on May 17! 

 Meadow Crest Playground

Waiting for the colored soft surfacing topping, the caterpillar’s looking anxious

 Meadow Crest Playground

View from the slide/climbing wall – SWAY FUN!

 Meadow Crest Playground

Installing the first bright blue color of the soft surface topping.


The playground is really shaping up now. Most of the play equipment is installed, about half of the walkways are in, the two picnic shelters will be done in a few days, and the restroom is complete. Next up – finish the walkways and then the poured in place soft surfacing and the synthetic turf goes in. And that’s about it! Stay tuned for the Grand Opening on May 17, 2014


The Climbing Wall Area

   Wavy Walk

The Wavy Walk

  Musical Instruments

Musical Instruments

Although the contractor’s been working throughout the winter, progress has been slower than expected. In the past two weeks though, various play equipment pieces have been installed, walkways are being poured, and the restroom is almost finished. In the next month, all walkways will be in, the two shelters will be constructed, and the synthetic turf will be laid on the rolling hills. It’s getting closer!

Slides at Climbing Wall and SuperNova

Slides at the Climbing Wall and the SuperNova

MeadowCrest Drums

Getting ready to play the drums!

MeadowCrest Wavy Walk

Getting wild on the Wavy Walk!

MeadowCrest Play Area

Older children's Play Area

Meadow Crest Restroom

Very nice restroom!

Meadow Crest Playground Construction Update!

“Key playground components were delivered and created last week! The 25 foot long colorful caterpillar (so cute!) was delivered, installed, and wrapped up until the opening. And the climbing wall was constructed. Two slides will deliver kids down to test their skills on this rocky face again and again. Next up in the next two weeks, walkways and playground equipment!” 
Caterpiller Install

"Who's that hiding in there?"


"It's Me!


 "Getting ready to climb!"

























The new playground is now fully under construction, with the new restroom nearing completion, underground drainage in place, and walls and footings for playground equipment being formed. In the next two weeks, the colorful caterpillar and the climbing wall will be installed. The adjacent Meadow Crest Early Learning Center opened its doors on September 7.



Concrete being poured for the footings of the caterpillar and long seatwall, with the new school in the background.


The footing for the long seatwall

The playground will have lots of seating areas!


The climbing wall is being formed, with the school in the background and the playground restroom on the right  


Read the Mayor's Viewpoint about the Inclusive Playground as reported in the Renton Reporter on December 14, 2012. 

The second public Open House meeting was held on October 4, 2012, from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. to review and discuss the updated concept plan based upon comments received at the June 28 Open House Meeting, via comment cards and e-mailed comments. This was the final Open House meeting, as plans will be finalized by the end of 2012 for bidding and construction in 2013. To view a summary of the Open House meeting, presentation materials and meeting photographs, click here.

The first public Open House meeting was held on June 28, 2012,  from 7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. to present three concepts and gather public input. To view presentation materials and meeting photographs, click here. Comments were collected and posted on flip charts during the open house meeting.  Comments were also obtained from written comment cards and emails.  To see collated comments, click here.  

Meadow Crest Early Learning Center
1800 Index Avenue NE
Renton, WA 98056

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