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Renton Library Advisory Board


Please note the November meeting has been canceled.  

The next Renton Library Advisory Board Meeting is scheduled for:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015 @ 5pm
Renton History Museum
235 Mill Avenue South

The purpose of this Board is to serve in an advisory capacity to the City of Renton Mayor and City Council, and to coordinate with, and provide input to, the King County Library Board and local library officials, regarding the scope and quality of library services provide by the King County Library System (KCLS) to the residents of Renton, and to the extent it is requested to do so to represent the city’s interest before the King County Library Board with respect to such services.   


  • Laurie Beden
  • Lynne King 
  • Catherine Ploue-Smith (Co-Chair)
  • Erica Richey (Chair)
  • Kim Unti

Meeting Minutes


July -  Canceled
October-pending approval
November - Canceled




July - Meeting Canceled
 August:  tour 




May - Meeting Canceled
August - Meeting Canceled




 April - Meeting Canceled
 July - Meeting Canceled
 December - Meeting Canceled












Contacting the Board

The Board can be contacted through the Community Services Department at 425-430-6600.

Becoming a Board Member

In order to be eligible to be appointment to the Renton Library Advisory Board, you need to be a Renton citizen. Interested persons can fill out an application, submit it to the Mayor’s office, and go through an interview process with the existing Board. The Board then makes recommendations to the Mayor and City Council, who approve the final appointment. Members serve terms that vary from one-year to five-years. Applications can be taken at any time, but interviews will only be conducted when there is a vacancy on the Board.

For more information or to download an application, visit the Boards, Committees, and Commissions web page.

Municipal Code Governing the Board

The Renton Municipal Code that governs the board can be found online at the MRSC web site

*Downtown Renton Library is located at:  
100 Mills Avenue South
Renton, WA   98057


10am - 9pm:     Monday -Thursday
10am - 6pm:     Friday
10am - 5pm:     Saturday
  1pm - 5pm:     Sunday
Outside Book Return available 24/7

For more information:
425.226.6043 = Renton Library
425.277.1831 = Renton Highlands Library
425.226.0522 = Fairwood Library