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Waste Services and Collection

Waste Management Rainier  - Customer Service
720 4th Avenue Suite 400
Kirkland, WA  98033

Collection Services
Phone: 1.800.592.9995
Fax: 206.243.3350

City of Renton Rate Brochure

Utility Billing Paying Your Bill

Collected Every Week - Yard and Food Waste

Yard and Food Waste

  • You can put food scraps (meat, cheese, fruit & vegetables, bread, pasta, etc.) with yard waste in your GRAY cart.
  • Put the new yard & food decal on your gray cart lid.
  • You can collect food scraps in your new kitchen container. Sample approved compostable bags are provided for your use.
  • Empty your kitchen container into your yard and food cart.
  • Be sure to keep all plastic bags and containers out of the yard and food cart.



Collected Every Other Week - All in One RecyclingRecycling - Every Other Week

  • No More Sorting!  Combine all clean recyclables in your BLUE cart, which will be emptied every other week.
  • More Recyclables!  All plastic bottles, jugs and dairy tubs and polycoated paper (milk cartons, freezer boxes, etc.) will be accepted.






Collected Every Other Week - Garbage

Garbage - green cart

  • Please bag your garbage before putting into the GREEN cart.
  • Wheeled carts are safer - no more lifting and carrying heavy cans!
  • Attached lids keep garbage contained and prevent litter.








General Solid Waste Service Information

  • For residential service changes, residents MUST notify Utility Billing at 425.430.6852.
  • Place all containers at the curb by 7:00 a.m.
  • All garbage cans are provided by Waste Management. The 90 gallon toter has a weight limit of 200 pounds and is for yard waste only. No sod will be accepted.
  • The City provides one garbage cart, one recycling cart, and one food/yard cart to each household. Carts are the property of the City of Renton.
  • Customers will be charged for service requested even if fewer units are serviced on a particular trip.
  • Keep items not intended for collection apart from garbage and recycling containers.
  • No credit will be given for a skip in scheduled service due to weather or road conditions. Collection missed will be taken on the next possible pick up.
  • Pick up days are Monday through Friday, including all holidays, except Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year's Day. If a pickup day falls on or after any of the above holidays, collection will be one day late that week, for the balance of the week through Saturday.
  • Recycling and yard waste service is available for multi-family residences.
  • For recycling program information, call 425.430.7397 or 425.430.7396.
  • Direct debit payment option is available. Call 425.430.6852 for an application.

Mail Utility Payments to:

Utility Billing Division
City of Renton
P.O. Box 9119
Renton, WA 98057-3002

Additional Numbers of Importance-City of Renton

  • Utility Billing: 425.430.6852
  • Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, City Hall, 1st Floor
  • TDD Public Works Information Line: 425.430.7201

Email the Solid Waste Coordinator