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Liberty Park Library Building Steering Committee

In June 2011, the City Council reaffirmed the City's intent to maintain the existing Library building in public ownership and that it be open to the public. The Council further directed that any future use considered by the Administration should enhance the enjoyment of the building as a civic amenity and its location over the Cedar River. The Mayor has appointed Community Services Department Administrator Terry Higashiyama to oversee a public process to develop ideas for the future use of the building that the City Council and Administration could consider. Terry and her department will take the lead in establishing a steering committee and scheduling community meetings to develop recommendations. The process will take approximately six months and will offer an opportunity for all interested citizens to share in the vision. The Administration plans to provide the Council with regular updates on this process.  We look forward to making this an exciting and engaging project.

Questions can be directed to Diane Wagner at, or 425-430-6600.

 Final Report to Council and Mayor - April 2012  - pdf