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Parks Planning and Natural Resources

Renton Trails and Bicycle Master Plan  

The City of Renton is updating the 2009 Trails and Bicycle Master Plan. Multiple venues for public input have occurred in order to develop the Draft Plan.  

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Mission Statement

Provide a comprehensive and interrelated system of parks, recreation, open spaces and trails that responds to locally-based needs, values and conditions, provides an appealing and harmonious environment, and protects the integrity and quality of the surrounding natural systems; create a sustainable and exemplary urban forest.  

  Sunset Park Image

Sunset Neighborhood Park Update

Construction for Phase I of the new, 3.2 acre Sunset Neighborhood Park  commenced in July 2017, and will be completed in Spring 2018. Located across from the Renton Highlands Library, and surrounded by Sunset Lane NE and NE 10 St, the park will feature a wide pedestrian walkway running North-South through the park, a restroom, an entry plaza by the library with seating and an overhead pergola, additional seating areas and walkways, and a large lawn for gathering and playing.

In 2019, Phase II construction is anticipated to be completed, with two playgrounds, picnic and fitness areas, an interactive water feature, and additional walkways and seating areas.

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Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park
Facility Structural Repairs 

Coulon Park was significantly expanded in 1982, and after years of providing quality recreation and relaxation to the citizens of Renton, the park now needs repairs to a number of its facilities. Work will take place during the 2018-2019 off-season, starting after Labor Day, with an anticipated completion in Winter 2019. All facilities and the two restaurants will remain open during regular business hours. Following is the list of facilities scheduled for repair:

>    South Waterwalk
>    Boat Launch Middle Pier
>    Ivar’s Deck
>    Moorage Float & Finger Piers
>    North Waterwalk
>    Sailing Club Float
>    Trestle Bridge

Ivar’s deck will incur the largest repair, with a complete replacement of the aging steel beams below the timber deck. The city will then replace the entire timber deck with a grated deck. This will increase light penetration to the water below, and provide better habitat for fish, particularly young salmon. The timber moorage float and finger piers will also be removed, and replaced with a grated moorage float and finger piers, with the same benefit for young fish. Together, the grated decks will provide a safer walking surface for visitors.  


Landowner Collaboration for Knotweed Control along the Cedar River

Knotweed, an invasive plant, has degraded soils and wildlife habitat along the Cedar River. It forms thick stands of bamboo-like stalks containing large heart-like shaped leaves that out-competes native vegetation. Through a grant from the King Conservation District, Forterra NW, a conservation organization, and Renton have partnered over the past several years in managing knotweed. More than 11,000 native trees and shrubs will be planted on public and private lands during 2017 and 2018 where knotweed has been eliminated. For further information, please contact the Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Manager at 425-430-6600 or by email.

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