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Oakesdale Avenue SW (Monster Road to SR 900) - 2017-2022 TIP #14

Project Manager - Jim Seitz, 425-430-7245

Project Description - There is a growing demand for north-south traffic connections through the city.  To address this need, this project would widen Oakesdale Avenue SW to four lanes plus add a two-way-left-turn-lane where required and include bicycle lanes.  The Beacon Coal Mine Road approach to the intersection with Oakesdale Avenue SW would be realigned.  The project includes new roadway, curbs, sidewalk, drainage, street lighting, traffic signals and signage, channelization, retaining walls, and widening the existing bridge. 

A preliminary design study was completed in 1999.  A first stage of improvements would address roadway deficiencies and drainage problems between the Monster Road bridge and the Beacon Coal Mine Road. 

Scope, cost, and implementation schedule are yet to be determined.

Project Schedule - The majority of engineering work would not begin until at least 2015.

Project Budget - $5.35 million is programmed in the 2012-2017 Transportation Improvement Program.  The complete project is estimated to cost $25 million.  The project is completely unfunded at this time.