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Neighborhood Event Grants

A Neighborhood event is a gathering of residents from a recognized neighborhood within Renton city limits. It is an occasion for people to celebrate their neighborhood and to create a forum to meet, get to know each other, and discuss neighborhood issues, ideas, etc. The goal of the program is to empower neighborhoods to plan and implement a neighborhood gathering and to work together on a continual basis.

‘Officially Recognized’ Renton neighborhoods are eligible to receive funds from the City of Renton Neighborhood Programs division to host a Neighborhood gathering or event. In order to receive Neighborhood Event Grant funding, neighborhood groups will have to complete and submit an application that demonstrates their ability to host a neighborhood event that accomplishes the following:

•The event celebrates the meaning of community within Renton neighborhoods
•The event provides attendees a forum to discuss neighborhood issues, ideas, etc.; and
•The event provides attendees the ability to get to know their neighbors on a more personal level

Eligible neighborhood event ideas include:

  • Outdoor Screen on the Green Movie Night (City owned equipment!)
  • Neighborhood outdoor fitness class with instructor 
  • Holiday caroling rentals
  • Neighborhood Seahawks/Sounders/Mariners Watch Party
  • Neighborhood flag football or other sport tournament event
  • Neighborhood 5k/10k holiday or summer run/bike event
  • Neighborhood Easter egg hunt
  • Neighborhood Bonfire at Coulon event
  • Neighborhood Halloween costume party event
  • Neighborhood holiday display for family/children photos
  • Neighborhood ice cream social
  • City park/facility/shelter/athletic field rentals
  • Neighborhood Program Trailer Equipment Rentals

To download the application click the following link: 2017 Neighborhood Event Grant Application 

Neighborhood Trailer Rental

The Neighborhood Programs trailer contains a variety of games, activities, and equipment that is owned by the Neighborhood Program Division and available to all neighborhoods within the Renton city limits. To learn more on how to rent the Neighborhood Trailer please click the following link: Neighborhood Trailer Rental Application

Neighborhood Program "Screen on the Green"  

In conjunction with the City of Renton Recreation Department, "Screen on the Green" is a program for neighborhoods to host an indoor/outdoor movie night for their entire neighborhood. Utilizing Neighborhood Program grant funds, neighborhoods can rent the city owned projector equipment and purchase a movie license through the City's approved movie vendor. Host an outdoor Star Wars themed movie night in your local park or neighborhood community area, or bundle up in your local gymnasium for a festive Frozen Winter Adventure! The location and details are entirely up to your neighborhood!

For more information on how to put on a neighborhood "Screen on the Green" event click the following link: Screen on the Green Application


To be eligible for the 2017 Neighborhood Event Grant, your neighborhood will need to have:

  • Registered as an "officially recognized" Renton neighborhood located within the City limits     
  • Participating in the City's Neighborhood Program
  • Have submitted an updated copy of your neighborhood bylaws
  • Have submitted an updated contact registry of your neighborhood leadership
  • Have submitted an updated boundary map of your neighborhood

To become registered as an "officially recognized" Renton neighborhood please fill out the following application and email Neighborhood Program

Submitting an Application

The Neighborhood Event Grant is available year round! Neighborhoods can submit one Neighborhood Event Grant per year. The 2017 Neighborhood Event Grant application iis due eight (8) weeks prior to the event. If the application period has ended, the next project grant cycle will be available in January 2018. 

For further information please email Neighborhood Program or call 425-430-6595.