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Neighborhood Program

Renton is a wonderful place to live with terrific neighborhoods, friendly people, diverse housing choices, and beautiful parks.  The City of Renton is committed to promoting and sustaining an environment that is responsive to citizen involvement.  It is the goal of the Neighborhood Program to build viable partnerships between the City and its residents.  The City recognizes and supports our neighborhoods as one of the primary reasons Renton residents enjoy such a high quality of life.  Neighborhoods develop connections with City staff and community resources when they become " Officially Recognized " through the Neighborhood Program.

Our Vision

The City of Renton's Neighborhood Program promotes positive communication between residents and City government.  The Neighborhood Program:

  • Supports community involvement making all neighborhoods better places to live
  • Fosters a sense of community by helping residents address specific concerns
  • Serves as a vehicle for building successful neighborhoods that reflect positively on the entire community

Neighborhood Recognition

The City wants to recognize the unique neighborhoods in the community and support their health and vitality.  Neighborhood Recognition happens once an  application  to become an Officially Recognized Renton Neighborhood has been completed and accepted.  Currently, there are 72 Officially Recognized Neighborhoods  that each have neighborhood contacts and City liaisons.  An Officially Recognized Neighborhood will receive from the City:

  • A volunteer City employee who serves as a liaison working with your neighborhood and provides a link to the departments and services of the City
  • Access to grant funding
  • Eligibility for funding for neighborhood picnics
  • Leadership workshops and training
  • Information about your neighborhood, as it pertains to the Neighborhood Program, on the City's web site
  • Publicity for neighborhood events on Channel 21, the City's cable access station, as they pertain to the Neighborhood Program
  • A "Neighbor to Neighbor" electronic newsletter that provides information about key issues, events and programs, opportunities for citizen input, volunteer information, and updates about the Neighborhood Program

If you are interested in starting your own neighborhood association, check out the How to Build a Neighborhood Association Guide.

Program Features

Once a neighborhood has been recognized, the City supports the neighborhood through two important programs:

  • The   Neighborhood Picnic Program provides a City hosted BBQ to recognized neighborhoods for a once-a-year Neighborhood Picnic.  This allows neighbors to gather to enjoy food, have fun and creates a forum to discuss neighborhood ideas, issues and concerns.  The program requires matching contributions (monetary or in-kind) and a community service project from the neighborhood. 
  • The  Neighborhood Grant Program allows neighborhoods to apply for grants to implement projects that will improve the viability and livability of their neighborhoods.  By bringing neighbors together and helping residents improve their neighborhoods, a greater sense of community is fostered and the overall image of the City is improved.  This program also requires matching contributions from the community (monetary or in-kind).

Contact Us

For more information email Neighborhood Program or call 425-430-6600.