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What is the Future of Renton Library Buildings?

Downtown Library / Library over the Cedar River

100 Mill Avenue South, Renton, WA  98057

Monday-Thursday:  11am - 7pm
Friday:  10am - 6pm
Saturday:  10am - 5pm
Sunday:  1-5pm

For more information:
425.226.6043 = Downtown Renton Library
425.277.1831 = Renton Highlands Library
425.226.0522 = Fairwood Temporary Library

Project Details    
Project completed August 2015.

The new library includes more materials, computers, wireless access, and areas for children and teens.

Expected Completion dat
e is Fall 2014
Architect: Miller Hull Architects
Contractor:  CE & C, Inc.



2015 1 26 1  = Workers inside staying dry under the new roof.  Sheathing has now covered most of the outside walls where there will not be windows.  Walls are about ready for the framing inspection.  With approval to cover the walls, drywall can start!

 2015 1 26 2 = Parking lot trenches for various utilities are now filled in and trucks can drive up to the building again.

2015 1 26 3 = Duct work above the backroom is now insulated.

2015 1 26 4 = Below the building, some of these marks indicate where xrays showed PT cables in the floor slab.  Coring the concrete for pipes had to be done between these tensioned cables.  The walls had to be built where the pipes came up, some slightly different than the plan.

 2014 UPDATES: 

Frequently Asked Questions / Information Sheet 

10/01/2014 Construction Update:  To preserve public safety, it may be necessary to close the topthe top of the pedestrian ramp on the northwest corner will be closedto finish demo of bridge girder. We will attempt to maintain pedestrian path but it may be closed at times.  

 10/15/2014     Construction Photos:  Preparation for the steel brace frames , photo 2, photo 3, photo 4

09/30/2014   Construction Photo:  Steel Beams/Structural Improvements 09 30 

09/26/2014    Construction Photo:  Pile Cap South Side

 09/11/2014    Construction Photo's:

 09 11 2014 1 Construction Photo 2 Construction Photo 3 Construction Photo 4  Construction Photo 5  Construction Photo 6 Construction Photo 7  Construction Photo 8 Construction Photo 9  Construction Photo 10 Construction Photo 11 Construction Photo 12 Construction Photo 13 Construction Photo 14  Construction Photo 15 Construction Photo 16 Construction Photo 17 Construction Photo 18 Construction Photo 19 Construction Photo 20 Construction Photo 21

09/03/2014:  Construction Photo:  North side augur cast piles and foundation dowels
  N side augur cast piles and foundation dowels


Call for Art Proposals ~ Renton Library and Renton Highlands Library 
Call for Art Proposals are due by Friday, August 22, 2014 for review by the Committee in September, 2014.

Requirements include:  The entire submittal must be digital (cd or USB Drive) and include:

  • Resume of principal artist and other key assistants or subcontractors including qualifications and previous experience with public art.  
  • Up to five (5) PDF pictures of work completed within the last seven years, numbered and labeled with last name.
  • A written proposal statement describing the concept and materials, and proposed budget. (Rough sketches including scale and location ideas are recommended.)  
  • One reference from one other similar art project.
  • Materials will not be returned. 

Click HERE for more information about the Call For Art Proposal.

Onsite Construction Update


Installation of perimeter fencing will begin June 25 and trail detour signs will be put in place.   

Site preparation for the concrete piles will begin next week.  The boring will begin on the park side first. 

Floor Plan Drawing

Aerial Construction Access Exhibit

Architect Sketches:  Entry & View from the West

Liberty Park Cherry Tree Information/Update by Terry Flatley, Certified Arborist - Municipal Specialist, Urban Forestry and Natural Resources Manager 
Cherry Tree Information/Update Photo's (attachments):  Click Here 
Cherry Tree 06 12 2014

Construction bids were received May 20 and came in under budget. The construction firm CE & C, Inc. was awarded the contract. The site will be turned over to the contractor at the end of June and construction is expected to start in July. The Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) permit issued by the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) for projects on or near state waters requires the installation of auger cast pilings during the drier months of the year and planning is underway to install them prior to the September 30 deadline. A temporary location has been secured for library services during construction at 64 Rainier Ave S., Renton. 

Click here to be re-directed to KCLS Construction Update Page for the Downtown Renton Library

Highlands Library Construction 

Project Details

Construction is underway for a new 15,000 square foot library.  The library will be located at Sunset Avenue & Harrington Avenue NE.  The new library will include more materials, computers, wireless access and areas for children and teens.  

Expected completion date is Summer 2015
Architect:     THA Architects
Contractor:  CE & C, Inc.

2015 UPDATES:  

Contractor is working on setting materials needed for the main floor. Concrete will flow around the cables that will be tensioned after the concrete hardens for about 3 days. Using tensioned cables adds strength to the slab, reducing the number of columns in the floor below.  The pour is scheduled for first week in February. 

 2015 1 27 1 = The focus is now on the main floor.  The Xs (stud rails) on top of the forms are where lower level columns will get added steel and cables before the concrete.

 2015 1 27 2 = Several workers are using wire to tie rebar at the top of the lower wall.  This will connect the new upper wall to the lower wall and new main floor slab.

2015 1 57 3 = 
These black cables that will be stretched between the walls through the columns, over “chairs,” under and over other cables and rebar. 

2015 1 27 4 = The box on the left will be removed after the pour exposing the opening that will become the garage stairs.  The saw below the stop sign is over the garage level mechanical room and will be outside the front doors.  This building corner is in the old street. The new street will be moved over about 20 feet.

2015 1 27 5 = The elevator doors will open above the plywood shaft forms.  Below that line will be a sandwich of deep concrete with the cables, then insulation and a thinner layer of concrete on top.

2015 1 27 6 =  This is a clean pile of the material used for our capillary break.  This was used under the garage slab to keep ground water from wicking up to the garage floor: recycled glass. 

2014 Updates

Construction started mid-September and is expected to last one year.


The Renton Highlands Library project is in for permitting. Anticipating that the permit will soon be approved, the project is currently out to bid with submittals due Thursday, June 19, 2014. Construction is anticipated to commence in early summer.

Click here to be re-directed to the KCLS Construction Update Page for Highlands Library 

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