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Renton Municipal Airport, Clayton Scott Field

 Boeing MAX 9 First Flight

 MAX 9 4-13-17 a

MAX 9 First Flight 4-13-17

 Thursday, April 13, 2017
Today marks another milestone in Boeing's presence in Renton.  The 2nd version of the new MAX took its first departing flight from our airport this morning to kick off the next phase of FAA certification.  The new MAX 8 has already been put into production, with at least three planes being delivered to customers.

MAX 9 4-13-17 c




 Unmanned Aircraft Systems UAS, aka Drones

If you own a drone and plan to fly within five miles of any airport, you must contact the Federal Aviation Administration before flying your drone.  For specific information on the Who, What, Why, and When of drone flights, visit the FAA website at

Calling the Airport Administration Office and providing your flight information is NOT an approved method of receiving authorization to fly your drone.  The Federal Aviation Administration is the regulatory agency who provides the required authorization.

 Air Traffic Control Hours:

October – April       7 am – 8 pm
May – September   7 am – 9 pm 

The Renton Municipal Airport, owned by the City of Renton, is a general aviation airport which serves Renton and other nearby communities. The airport provides regional aviation services for air charter, air taxi, corporate, business and recreational flyers. It is also an FAA-designated "Reliever" airport, diverting general aviation aircraft traffic from Sea-Tac International Airport.

The airport is located approximately 25 minutes south of downtown Seattle to the northwest and Bellevue to the north, and is situated in the center of the regional transportation network that connects State Highways 167, 169, 515 and 900 to Interstate Highways 5, 405 and 90.

The Airport is used predominately by single-engine piston aircraft, and ranks among the top six airports in the State of Washington in terms of aircraft landings and takeoffs. The Boeing Commercial Airplane Company, located adjacent to the airport, manufactures Boeing 737 aircraft and uses the airport for their initial flights.

Seaplane (or floatplane)  operations from the Will Rogers-Wiley Post Memorial Seaplane Base, located at the north end of the airport along the shore of Lake Washington, also comprise a significant level of activity at the airport. The seaplane facilities include a floating dock and launching ramp, which make the Renton Municipal Airport one of the few airports in the Pacific Northwest where aircraft can land on wheels and depart from the water, or vice versa, if they have the correct equipment.

The Renton Municipal Airport is a Landing Rights Airport, with US Customs services available for both floatplane and wheeled aircraft arriving by water or by land.

FBO Services Provided by the following Tenants:


Aviation Training Center

 Ace Aviation



 Boeing Employee Flying Association


Ellison Fluid Systems (Kaynan Inc)


  Landing Gear Works

 Northwest Seaplanes, Inc.

 Pro-Flight Aviation

 Rainier Flight Service


Seaplane Scenics


Noise complaints can be entered online in our Noise Complaint Form by going to our Noise Concerns webpage.



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 Lease Parcel Map

2017 jpeg map(jpeg format)  

Click on the map thumbnail to open an enlarged map of the Airport showing all lease parcels, lease names, and addresses.  This map includes vacant parcels ready for development and City hangars, tiedowns and transient parking

 PSRC Busy Airport Study

Follow this

Airport Sustainability Plan

Read the Airport Sustainability Plan (pdf), appendix (pdf)

Latest News

2017 Northwest Aviation Trade Show February 25 - 26, Puyallup, WA

Seattle World Cruiser - Updated Jan. 31, 2017

The latest news from Robert Dempster is that the around-the-world flight of the Seattle World Cruiser II is on schedule for April 2017.  We will keep this site updated as news comes in.








Gate Access Card Training 

Updated 07/17/2017

Training Schedule:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017,  2:00pm, ATCT.  We will switch to a regular schedule over the next month.

New Gate Card Users:  Attend a 45 minute training session at the ATCT. 

 PLEASE NOTE: If you already have a gate card, even an old one, then you do not need to attend the training session.  Simply bring your card and your drivers' license to our office and you will be issued a photo badge.

Remember: No “piggy-backing” through vehicle gates on the airport. One vehicle through the gate at a time. Each driver should card in when entering and card out while exiting, even if the there is someone else going through the gate ahead of you.

 Lost and found?

If you've lost a personal item at Renton Airport, please contact the Airport Office (425-430-7471425-430-7471) as our collection is growing! We currently have keys, a radio, and miscellaneous other items. Call to identify/claim.

Airport Statistics

Number of Flights by Year (Oct 1 - Sept 30)  Updated for FFY2016 

Off Airport Building Height Restrictions New

Photo Gallery

 Photos  (jpeg format)

If you have photos taken from or of the Renton Airport, submit them to us in jpeg format and we may decide to put them in our photo gallery.

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