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Graffiti in Renton

Wipe Out Graffiti!

Graffiti has a negative impact on our community. It gives the appearance that our community is unsafe, which creates fear and devalues property.  Citizen awareness, reporting graffiti and immediately removing it has a positive impact on keeping the area graffiti-free.  If you are a witness to graffiti vandalism as it is happening, call 911, and give as much information as possible about the suspect(s) and the location.

In order to eradicate graffiti from occurring in our City, it takes a conscious team effort from everyone - all citizens of Renton, including all residents, and all business owners.  The City currently offers a $300 Reward to anyone who reports information that leads to the arrest and conviction of anyone caught tagging property of any kind within the city limits.

What is the best way to prevent graffiti?

  • Rapid and continual removal is the best way to eliminate the problem. Studies show that removal within 24-48 hours results in a lower rate of recurrence. Commercial and residential property owners in Renton are responsible for graffiti removal on their property.

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What should a property owner do if they are hit with graffiti?

  • Record It: Take a picture of the graffiti before it is removed. Photographs will assist law enforcement in their investigation.
  • Report It: Contact the Renton Police Department if you are hit with graffiti or if you notice a vandalism act in progress, call 911.  If you see that graffiti has been put up in the neighborhood, report it by email or call 425-430-7373.
  • Remove It: Remove graffiti promptly and completely.

For more ideas about what to do in case you are the victim of graffiti, visit our What To Do... page.

How can I get rid of it?

  • Paint can be used to cover over graffiti on smooth, painted surfaces. It is a low-cost and relatively safe product compared to removing graffiti with some chemical solvents.
  • Chemical removers can be harmful to the user and the environment. You should contact a professional to gather more information about these types of products.
  • Pressure washing can be effective, using water or water in combination with other products to remove graffiti from a surface. It can, however, wear down the surface being treated.

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Is there anything else business owners can do?

  • Get educated. In turn, you can help educate others about the importance of reporting and cleaning up graffiti.
  • Adopt a spot in your neighborhood and ensure it stays clean and free of graffiti.
  • Add or improve lighting around your property to promote natural surveillance.

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