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Neighborhoods, Resources and Events

The Neighborhoods, Resources and Events Division provides a wide range of opportunities for the public to get involved. This division connects neighborhoods, people, businesses, and civic groups to opportunities which foster community. The division nurtures partnerships that enhance and support Parks and Recreation programs, special events, and activities throughout the City. It provides liaison services for recognized neighborhoods and Sister Cities programming, coordinates Renton's premier city celebrations, assists with special event permitting, and works to match volunteers with an experience that will accommodate their needs and interests.

 Neighbor to Neighbor Forum Neighborhood Program
The Neighborhood Program is a means for the City to successfully maintain good lines of communication with citizens, as well as help citizens undertake improvements or beautification projects through neighborhood grants. Neighborhood picnics also help foster community ties by bringing neighbors together for food and fun. For more information, contact Drey Hicks at 425-430-6595 or by email.


SSpecial Events grouppecial Events 

The City of Renton facilitates a variety of events for our citizens throughout the year. Two large-scale, city-wide special events which draw upon involvement of community members, businesses, and the City are the  Fourth of July and Renton River Days. All special events cater to the unique spirit of Renton citizens and celebrate the Renton community through a variety of uniquely designed events. For more information, contact Sonja Mejlaender at 425-430-6514 or by email.

Special Event Coordination and Permits

If your plan includes holding an event, in whole or in part on public property or on private property and it affects the ordinary use of public streets, right-of-ways, trails or sidewalks and/or may require additional City services than would normally be provided (such as police escorts, traffic control, sanitation, and clean-up required to support the event), you may need a special event permit. Contact Carrie Nass at 425-430-6624 or by email for more information.


Sponsorships provide businesses with a unique and innovative way to positively promote and increase public awareness of their company to consumers. Sponsors are able to demonstrate dedication to the community in which they serve through their contribution and involvement. Sponsorship opportunities are customized and special care is taken to personalize the experience to meet the needs of all parties involved. Some potential areas of sponsorship include, but are not limited to, Adopt a Park, Adopt a Program or Participant and specialized large-scale events such as the Fourth of July festivities. For more information contact Carrie Nass at 425-430-6624 or by email


Working CrewsDonating your time and talent is a great way to make a lasting impact on the community in which you live. Park and Recreation Volunteer Opportunities are available in many areas. Volunteer projects can be designed for a variety of groups based on size, commitment level, and special interests. We take pride in matching up volunteers with the right opportunity to create a truly meaningful experience for all of those involved. Volunteering makes a difference, so get involved today!

Be sure to check out Spotlight Opportunities where we highlight upcoming projects in need of volunteers.