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Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Annually, the City of Renton updates a Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).  It is a planning document adopted by the Renton City Council.   

The TIP:

  • Reflects involvement by citizens and elected officials.
  • Implements the City of Renton Mission Statement.
  • Is used to coordinate transportation projects and programs with other jurisdictions and agencies.
  • Is a multi-year planning tool for the development of the transportation facilities within the City.
  • Is required for State and Federal funding programs.
  • Is a vital part of planning under the Growth Management Act (GMA).
  • Is mandated by State law.

Projects and programs can be found listed with the appropriate Transportation Division section on each of their web pages: Transportation Planning, Transportation Design, and Transportation Operations and Maintenance.

Copies of the TIP can be purchased from the City Clerk's Office, 425-430-6510.  Questions about the TIP process can be directed to the Transportation Systems Division, 425-430-7321.