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Fairwood - Petrovitsky Potential Annexation Area

The Fairwood - Petrovitsky PAA is a large 10.3-square-mile area that includes the communities of Benson Hill, Cascade, Fairwood, and Panther Lake.  The Benson Hill - Cascade portion of the area voted to annex to the City of Renton and have been part of the City since early 2008.  The Benson-Cascade area is 4.2 square miles in size with approximately 93 acres of park land and a population of 16,000 residents. 

The Fairwood portion of the area is 6.1 square miles in size with approximately 457 acres of park land/open space and a population of 27,000 residents. The election occurred on November 2, 2010 and voters did not pass the annexation.

Additional Information

For additional information about annexation, please call 425.430.6575.