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East Renton Plateau Potential Annexation Area

The East Renton Plateau is a 2,126 acre residential area that is home to approximately 8,000 people.  Over the past decade Renton has annexed about 900 acres of property in this area.  Click here to see the King County Growth Report for the East Renton Plateau.

The area has been designated as Residential Low Density in Renton's adopted Comprehensive Plan.  Click here to view the Comprehensive Plan Land Use map.  In December 2006, the Renton City Council approved prezoning for the area consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  The zoning would allow a maximum density of four dwelling units per net acre (4 du/ac) in some portions of the area and a density of one dwelling unit per net acre (1 du/ac) in other portions of the area.  Click here to view the adopted prezoning map.  This prezoning will only become effective when an area annexes to the City. 

In February 2007, residents of the East Renton Plateau PAA in the proposed Preserve Our Plateau Annexation area chose not to annex to Renton and defeated an annexation proposal for a 1,475-acre area at the polls.  However, some property owners have petitioned the City to annex using the 60% direct petition method.  The City expects to continue to receive annexation petitions from people in the East Plateau area.

The information sheets below provide information and answer many questions about annexation in the East Renton area.

For additional information, please call 425.430.6575.