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SWP-27-8889 Sunset Terrace Regional Stormwater Facility

Project Description:

The project is to retrofit approximately three acres of roadway from Sunset Boulevard (a high-traffic major arterial), adjacent roads, and developments by providing flow control and enhanced basic water quality treatment prior to discharging into Johns Creek. The Sunset Terrace Regional Stormwater Facility Project will consist of rain gardens and an infiltration gallery. The project will reduce the volume and peak rate of runoff from the area and improve the quality of the stormwater runoff. The project construction is estimated to begin in summer 2014 and completed in summer 2015.

The project will be funded by the City of Renton and the Department of Ecology through a 2012 Stormwater grant.

Vicinity Map

For questions regarding this project, please contact Hebé Bernardo, Project Manager, at 425-430-7264.