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2017 State of the City

We’re home to the Seattle Seahawks, the top jet-plane maker in the world and even the Federal Reserve Bank. And we have the only IKEA store in the state!

Renton is attracting significant investment. We’re considered by developers to be one of the best cities to work with. Last year, we had over $2 billion in private investment and there are a number of exciting projects underway.

Downtown revitalization showed more progress than we have seen in decades. And huge redevelopment efforts continue in the Sunset community.

Public safety continues to be our number one priority. Our police department remains committed to reducing crime and continues to improve relations with our community.

We’re actively working with local churches and other agencies to help provide services to those who are homeless and in need of food, shelter and other services.

The relationship between the city and the Renton African American Pastors continues to be very strong and we’ve launched efforts to create the same connection with our Latino community. We’ve also made great progress through the Mayor’s Inclusion Task Force. Our commitment to be an inclusive, informed city that provides access and opportunities for all stays strong.

Renton has become a desired community to live, work, learn and play.

The state of our city is strong and our future is bright!

—Mayor Denis Law



Renton Mayor Denis Law delivered the 2017 State of the City address before Renton City Council members, business leaders, community partners and residents on Thursday, March 30. Below are links to resources from the address.

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