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Creating a Clean Economy in Renton

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Creating a Clean Economy in Renton

Many households, businesses, and governments in the Puget Sound region are focused on ways to use less energy, conserve resources, save money, and protect the natural environment. The City of Renton has created a strategy to move city operations and the community towards greater efficiency in these areas. View the document “Creating a Clean Economy in Renton” to see how it outlines the city’s Clean Economy Strategy, which was adopted in April 2011. Specific goals include:

  • Reduce operating costs through energy-saving and resource-efficiency measures;
  • Understand greenhouse gas impacts and identify cost-effective steps to reduce emissions;
  • Capitalize on opportunities for funding and investment; and
  • Identify new initiatives for a competitive, clean local economy and fulfill Renton’s commitment to stay “ahead of the curve”.

What is a Clean Economy? “In a clean economy, vitality, growth, and jobs derive from economic activity that is highly resource-efficient, applies renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, and minimizes the generation of waste and pollution.” The City of Renton has a number of programs and policies that have guided our municipality in creating a more sustainable future. Renton’s leaders recognize that achieving its vision of building a sustainable and prosperous community over the long term hinges on the community’s ability to compete in the economy of the future. By necessity, that future will be more resource-efficient; rely on clean and renewable energy sources; and call on governments, businesses, and residents to minimize pollution and waste.

The strategy includes findings and recommendations in areas of:

  • Leadership & Governance
  • Business & Community Engagement
  • Resource Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Mobility, Land Use & Development

The strategy also includes Renton’s first greenhouse gas emissions inventory for both city operations and the community as a whole. This inventory breaks down how energy is used, such as gas used to support the transportation system, energy to power our industrial, residential, and commercial sectors, and the electricity needed to power municipal facilities and street lights.

Creating a Clean Economy in Renton  - Adopted April 18, 2011 (Full pdf)


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