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GIS Data


Geographic information about Renton is available for download free of charge.  Data is provided in Washington State Plane North NAD83 HARN projection and is in Esri's Version 10.2 file geodatabase format. 

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  Community and Culture  Community and Culture GDB  Community and Culture Shape Files Human Services, Sites of Interest, Licensed Businesses, Designated Neighborhoods.
  Parks and Recreation  Parks and Recreation GDB  Parks and Recreation Shape Files Parks, Open Spaces, Art Work, City Trees, Trails, Bikeways,  Boat Launches, Golf Course, Veterans' Memorial Park
  Property  Property GDB  Property Shape Files Parcels, Addresses, Easements, Building Footprints, Annexations, Section/Township/Range, Survey Control Mons, Jurisdictions
  Public Safety  Public Safety GDB  Public Safety Shape Files Hospitals, Information Centers, Fire and Emergency Services, Police
  Transportation Systems  Road Services GDB  Road Services Shape Files Arterials, Snow Routes, Bikeways, Truck Routes, Bridges, Pavement Management, Lights, Flashers, Beacons, Signs, Projects
  Critical Areas  Sensitive Areas GDB  Sensitive Areas Shape Files Aquifer Protection, Coal Mines, Erosion, Flood, Landslide, Regulated Slopes, Seismic, Classified Streams, Wetlands, Topography
  Telecom  Telecom GDB  Telecom Shape Files Fiber Cable, Conduit, Telecom Structures
  Utility Systems  Wastewater GDB  Wastewater Shape Files Drinking Water, Stormwater, and Wastewater
  Zoning and Landuse  Zoning and Landuse GDB  Zoning and Landuse Shape Files Zoning, Special Districts, Landuse, Planning Areas, Annexations, Pipeline Buffer



Orthophotography for 2010 & 2012 in MrSID format


 FTP - GIS Data Portal

All data, information, and maps are provided "as is" without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness of completeness. The burden for determining accuracy, completeness, timeliness, merchantability and fitness for or the appropriateness for use rests solely on the user. The City of Renton makes no warranties, express or implied, as to the use of the information obtained here. The user acknowledges and accepts all limitations, including the fact that the data, information, and maps are dynamic and in a constant state of maintenance, correction and update. Use of these materials constitutes acceptance of this disclaimer of liability.