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Car Washing - Keep the Car and Puget Sound Clean

Surface water runoff that enters storm drains goes directly to our lakes, and streams, eventually reaching Puget Sound.

Sending all that oily soapy water down the storm drain is harmful to fish – it is also a violation of local, state and federal laws.

Washing Cars at Home: 

Think clean Puget Sound when you next wash your car.  Three cleaner options:

  • Wash your car on a lawn.
  • Use a waterless car wash product.
  • Wash your car less often.

Charity Car Wash Events:

Car Wash Fundraiser Tickets – The Puget Sound Carwash Association provides a Charity Carwash Ticket Program.  Through this program, a charity sells car wash tickets that can be used at participating car washes around the Puget Sound.  The tickets are preprinted with the charity name and sold to groups at $2.50 each, and are usually re-sold for up to $8.00 each. The program is easy to use and tickets are easy to sell.  To find out more, please call 206-622-8425.

Charity Car Wash Kits – While not the preferred choice, parking lot car washes can still be environmentally friendly.  The City has special kits available that capture wash water and diverts it into the sanitary sewer system, keeping contaminants out of local surface waters.  The City has charity car wash kits that are available for checkout free of charge to all Renton charities and groups.

To find out how your charity event can use a charity car wash kit, email Kristina Lowthian, phone at 425-430-7249.