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Why Should I Care About What Enters a Storm Drain?

It Can Affect Our Quality of Life – Stormwater picks up and carries pollution as it runs off rooftops, parking lots, lawns and other surfaces.  These pollutants include motor oil, fertilizer, litter and pet waste.  The polluted stormwater that flows through storm drains does not get treated before emptying into our streams, rivers and lakes.  The combined contribution of pollution from many storm drains can negatively impact water quality, harm aquatic life and degrade the recreational/aesthetic value of our streams, rivers and likes.

It Could Be Illegal – If it is not rain water entering the storm drain than it is most likely illegal.  On August 3rd, 2009, the City of Renton passed an ordinance (#5478)  to regulate the City’s storm drain system.  The purpose is to prevent pollutant discharges that would adversely impact surface and ground water quality of the City and the State of Washington, in order to comply with requirements of the National Pollutants Discharge Elimination System Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit.  The City will initially rely on education and informational assistance to gain compliance with the ordinance.

Only Rain down the Drain

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