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2015 - 2016 Adopted Biennial Budget

The following Reader's Guide lists each major section of this document in the order that it appears and provides a brief description of what you will find in that section. Please refer to the Table of Contents for specific section locations and content details.

Section 1: Executive Summary

The Introduction presents the Mayor’s budget message. His letter articulates City initiatives and issues for the 2015/2016 Biennial Budget. Following this are the 2015/2016 Budget Highlights, Budget at a Glance, Long Range Plan, and Financial Management Policies. Included in the Executive Summary section is a condensed view of the budget, covering everything from a summary of the budget process to summaries for fund types, department expenditures and employment history, and revenue sources and levels. 

Section 2: Renton Results 

In this section we present the City of Renton’s performance management initiative originated in 2007 to clearly illustrate the services provided by the City of Renton, the resources needed to provide these services, and the results of the service efforts to facilitate policy decisions and provide accountability to the community.

Section 3: Budget by Department 

In this section we present budget information organized by department and division. Each department, and each division within that department, presents its mission statement, expenditure budget, staffing levels, and funding decisions.

Section 4: Debt Management 

An extensive overview of Renton’s debt program is presented here. This includes financial data on debt limitations, property tax rates and revenues, long‐term debt service requirements, and a schedule of the City’s overall outstanding debt.

Section 5: Capital Investment Program (CIP)  

This project listing provides a summary of the six-year CIP plan. We list projects by activity and by managing department. 

Section 6: Budget by Fund   

This section gives a display for each fund’s revenue, expenditures, and fund balance that compares current program levels with those of past years.

Section 7: Appendix 

In this appendix, we provide selected demographics, economic statistics, an index of salaries and pay ranges, and some general information about the City of Renton. We have also included here a glossary of commonly used budget terms.