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City Reminds Motorists of Road Closure at Duvall Avenue NE

Back to School Safety Reminder for Motorists and Students

August 28, 2008

For more information contact:

Peter Hahn, Deputy Administrator Public Works 425-430-7242
Kent Curry, Commander Police/Patrol Services, Renton Police Department 425-430-7555
Preeti Shridhar, Communications Director 425-430-6569

RENTON:  With the dawn of a new school year, the City of Renton is reminding area motorists of the closure of Duvall Avenue NE to through-traffic between Sunset Boulevard (SR 900) and SE 95th Way and to be alert for school buses and students on their way to and from school.

"Back to school is an exciting time for students, and we want to ensure that everyone reaches their destination safely," said Kent Curry, Commander, Renton Police Department.  "Motorists need to take the added precaution of using the designated detour routes, obeying traffic laws, watching for students boarding and exiting buses, and following the safety rules in school zones."

Starting in early June this year, the City of Renton closed Duvall Avenue NE for major road upgrades to improve safety and ease congestion. The road will remain closed through approximately July 2009. Local access is available from Sunset Boulevard. to SE 107th, but the road is closed from SE 107th to SE 95th Way. The detour routes for traffic are NE Sunset Boulevard (SR 900) and I-405. Drivers are encouraged to plan ahead and use the detour routes.

To emphasize school zone safety during the road closure, the city has also partnered with the school district to implement several safety measures near Sierra Heights Elementary School. These include:

• Adding additional traffic safety officers during school drop-off and pick-up times.
• Establishing a center turn lane on Union Avenue near Sierra Heights Elementary School.
• Designating specific loading and unloading areas to drop and pick up students during school days
• Making it safer for students to walk near the school by posting no parking signs on the shoulder near the school; the city is currently working on adding a walkway near the school.  

When completed the Duvall project enhancements include:

• Widening the road to five lanes, including a two-way left-turn lane in the center.
• Converting overhead power lines to underground lines for added safety during storms and emergencies.
• Adding a new traffic signal at Duvall Avenue. and NE 21 Street.
• Adding new bicycle lanes.
• Adding new sidewalks.
• Adding new curbs and gutters.

Since the beginning of the project this summer, crews have completed the following:

• Installed new mailboxes along Duvall Avenue for the future road widening.
• Built a retaining wall along the west side of Duvall Avenue NE.
• Installed a "business open" sign at the intersection of SR 900 (Sunset) and Duvall to improve access and visibility of local businesses.
• Constructed a detention pond at the northern end of the project.
• With Puget Sound Energy, Comcast, and Qwest, began the installation of utility infrastructure.

For regular project updates visit the project website at For maps, additional information on detour routes and to find out more about Renton’s major construction and transportation projects, go to