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2014 City Council Meeting Highlights

March Highlights

  • Awarded the Maplewood WTP Access Platforms and Fall Protection Improvements project to General Mechanical, Inc.
  • The City was presented with the 2014 City Cultural Diversity Award from the National League of Cities and National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials.
  • Awarded the Monterey Terrace Water Main Replacement project to Buno Construction, Inc.
  • Waived the picnic shelter fees for the annual CROPWALK event occurring on 5/4/2014.
  • Approved a contract with King County for annual Institutional Network (I-Net) service and support.
  • Established the SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector/Talbot Hill Sewer Relocation project.
  • Approved a second addendum with Soos Creek Water & Sewer District regarding the rehabilitation of the Cascade Interceptor.
  • Extended the moratorium for six months on the issuance of permits and business licenses for medical marijuana establishments.
  • Proclaimed April 2, 2014 "National Walking Day."
  • Awarded the Highlands to Landing Pedestrian Connection project to R.L. Alia Company.
  • Accepted grant funds in the amount of $1,313,935 for the NE Sunset Blvd. (SR 900) Corridor Improvements project.
  • Added regulations and definitions to City Code related to the use, production, processing, and sales of recreational marijuana.

February Highlights

  • Proclaimed February 2014 as Renton Heart Month.
  • Waived Golf Course green fees for the Liberty High School Girls Golf Team.
  • Leased the Cedar River Boathouse to the George Pocock Rowing Foundation for five years.
  • Reappointed Martin Regge to the Planning Commission.
  • Reappointed Bill Huls, Marsha Rollinger, Natalie Gress, and Paul Hebron to the Municipal Arts Commission.
  • Approved the sales tax credit for 2014 at $3,3445,000 related to the Benson Hill Annexation.
  • Accepted $9,950,000 in grant funds from the Washington State Department of Commerce for the Central Sound Aerospace Training Center.
  • Approved the purchase of 2014-2015 ORCA Business Passports from King County.
  • Amended Renton Municipal Code regarding placing liens on chronic nuisance properties.

January Highlights

  • Proclaimed January 2014 National Mentoring Month.
  • Proclaimed January 11, 2014 Human Trafficking Awareness Month
  • Approved the Renton Police Officers' Guild - Commissioned 2013-2015 labor agreement.
  • Approved a Fire Resource Mobilization Plan reimbursement agreement with the Washington State Patrol.
  • Approved the initiation of the legalized marijuana work program with the Planning Commission.
  • Accepted $1,212,395 in grant funds from King County for basic life support services.
  • Approved Amendment III to the Landowner Collaboration for Knotweed Control on the Cedar River Project with the King Conservation District.
  • Accepted $4,618,248 in grant funds from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board for the Logan Ave. N. (Cedar River Bridge to N. 6th St.) Improvement project.



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