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2014 City Council Meeting Highlights

December Highlights

  • Accepted $4,896 in grant funds from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission for Target Zero Teams DUI Patrols participation.
  • Approved the 2015 Healthcare Management Administration and Group Health employee contracts.
  • Adopted the 2015 School District Impact Fees and related Capital Facilities Plans.
  • Adopted the 2014 Year-end Budget Amendments in the amount of $6,375, 319 for a total amended budget of $609,250,946 over the biennium.
  • Appointed Ruth Perez to vacant Council Position #6.
  • Adopted the amended Sunset Area Planned Action ordinance.
  • Adopted Title IV (Development Regulations) Docket #10B items.

November Highlights

  • Proclaimed November 2014 as Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month.
  • Approved an interlocal agreement with King County for Electronic Fingerprint Capture Equipment.
  • Adopted the Sunset Neighborhood Park Master Plan.
  • Established a six-month moratorium on accepting applications for residential development within the CA (Commercial Arterial) and RMF (Residential Multi-family) zones.
  • Adopted the 2015/2016 Biennial Budget and related legislation.
  • Appointed Ed Prince as 2015 Council President, and Randy Corman as 2015 Council President Pro Tem.
  • Approved legislation and interlocal agreements establishing the Public Safety Emergency Radio Network (PSERN).
  • Accepted grant funds in the amount of $88,167 from the Department of Homeland Security to support the emergency management program.
  • Proclaimed November 29, 2014 as Small Business Saturday. 

October Highlights

  • Proclaimed October 2014 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month and October 19 to 25, 2014 as YWCA Week without Violence.
  • Proclaimed October 5 to 11, 2014 as Fire Prevention Week.
  • Approved an agreement with Washington State Department of Natural Resources for SoundCorps crew labor for pruning trees at The Landing.
  • Approved the amended 2014 and the 2015 Community Block Development Grant funding recommendations.
  • Greeted Mayor Shozo Katayama from Nishiwaki, Japan.
  • Proclaimed October 13 to 17, 2014 as DiscoverU Week.
  • Declared support for the King County - Cities Climate Collaboration (K4C) Joint Commitments Letter.
  • Approved a contract with KPG, Inc. for the Main Ave. S. Downtown Circulation Project - Phase I in the amount of $148,818.69.
  • Awarded the Citywide Safety Improvements project to Pioneer Cable, Inc. in the amount of $245,235.
  • Approved the Title IV (Development Regulations) Docket #10A items. 
  • Proclaimed November 2014 as DECA Month & Hazen DECA Entrepreneurship Month.
  • Approved a contract with Forma Construction in the amount of $192,673.05 for the Sunset Neighborhood Park Fourplex demolition project.
  • Approved the lease of the first floor of the 200 Mill Building with Amazing Grace Lutheran Church School.

September Highlights

  • Proclaimed September 2014 as "National Recovery Month."
  • Proclaimed September 8-14, 2014 as "Diaper Need Awareness Week."
  • Proclaimed September 14, 2014 as "South King County Gay Pride Day."
  • Approved an agreement with the FAA to receive $753,935 in grant funds for the Airport Master Plan.
  • Extended the moratorium for issuing license and permits associated with medical marijuana for six months.
  • Accepted the donation of 1999 Ford RVC vehicle for the Fire & Emergency Services Department.
  • Approved the Regional Coordination Framework agreement for disasters and planned events for public and private organizations in King County.
  • Approved the Emergency Sale of Water agreement with King County Water District No. 90
  • Awarded the Runway Blastwall Replacement project to Gary Merlino Construction Company.
  • Approved the City's participation in the Growing Transit Communities Compact.
  • Approved the Trace Matthew Annexation.
  • Proclaimed September 27, 2014 as "Mayor's Day of Concern for the Hungry."
  • Adopted interim zoning regulations.

August Highlights

  • Proclaimed August 5, 2014 as "National Night Out 2014."
  • Approved the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program (2015-2020 TIP).
  • Approved the 2013-2015 IAFF Local 864 Firefighters labor agreement.
  • Approved a resolution supporting Congressman Adam Smith's efforts to free Renton resident Nestora Salgado from imprisonment in Mexico.
  • Proclaimed September 2014 as "Ready in Renton Month."
  • Approved two lease addenda with Kaynan, Inc. at the airport.
  • Approved a contract with Forma Construction for repairs at the 800 building at the airport.
  • Approved a new ten-year franchise agreement with Comcast for the provision of cable services within Renton city limits.

July Highlights

  • Awarded the Maplewood Creek & Madsen Creek Sediment Basin Cleaning Project 2014 to Sierra Pacific Construction.
  • Awarded the S. 132nd St. Sewer Extension project to A Advanced Septic Services.
  • Approved the Alpine Nursery Annexation; 17.1 acres located in the vicinity of SE 142nd Pl. and 161st Ave. SE.
  • Waived all fees and charges associated with 2014 Renton River Days activities as requested by the Renton River Days Board of Directors.
  • Accepted $88,167 in grant funds from FEMA to support the emergency management program.
  • Approved the temporary total closure of NE 31st St.
  • Approved a five-year lease agreement with Verizon Wireless to locate antennae on the Rolling Hills Reservoir.
  • Awarded the Sewer Radio Panel Relocation and Lift Station Improvements project to Equity Builders, LLC.
  • Approved the 2015-2017 Community Development Block Grant agreement with King County.
  • Proclaimed July 14, 2014 as Judge Gerard M. Shellan Day.
  • Confirmed the reappointment of Lynne King to the Library Advisory Board.
  • Awarded the SW 7th St./Naches Ave. SW Storm System Improvement Project - Phase I to Road Construction Northwest.
  • Approved the actions taken to acquire and consolidate TIAA-CREF as custodian of assets/record keeper for the City's (Plan's Sponsor's)Section 457(b) Plan.
  • Awarded the Riverview Park Bridge Demolition project to Imperial Demolition and Earthworks.

June Highlights

  • Approved the purchase of land near NE 4th St. and Queen Ave. NE for the installation of a HAWK Signal.
  • Approved Wine/Beer sampling at the Renton Farmers Market.
  • Accepted $15,000 in grant funds from the King Conservation District for the Renton Farmers Market.
  • Approved a 10-year concession agreement with Ivar's, Inc. to operate restaurants at Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park.
  • Approved eight 2014 Neighborhood Grant applications.
  • Awarded the 2014 Street Patch and Overlay with Curb Ramps project to Lakeridge Paving Company.
  • Accepted $700,000 in grant funds from the Washington State Department of Transportation for the SW Grady Way to Longacres Dr. SW re-paving project.
  • Approved a 10-year advertising agreement with Ivar's, Inc.
  • Awarded the Sunset Community Low Impact Development Retrofit Stormwater Green Connection: Harrington Ave. NE & Harrington Ave. NE Water Main Replacement project to Northwest Cascade, Inc.
  • Approved the 2015-2017 HOME Investment Partnership Program with King County.
  • Awarded the NE 31st St. Culvert Repair Project Replacement Alternative - Bridge to Quigg Bros., Inc.
  • Declared July 2014 "Parks and Recreation Month."
  • Declared June 24, 2014 "Peace Run Day."
  • Reappointed Michael O'Halloran and Kevin Poole to the Planning Commission.
  • Reappointed Al Dieckman to the Parks Commission.
  • Awarded the Cedar River Gabion Repair project to Jansen, Inc.
  • Approved Project #64 with the Community Connectivity Consortium.
  • Amended Renton Municipal Code (RMC) 9-5, Latecomer's Agreements, to update the regulations pursuant to Engrossed Substitute House Bill (ESHB) 1717.

May Highlights

  • Approved a three-year agreement with Friends of the Cedar River for knotweed control along the Cedar River.
  • Adopted the revised 2013/2014 Fee Schedule.
  • Waived City Center Parking Garage fees for volunteers laboring at the Piazza Festivals and Tree Lighting Ceremony, the Farmers Market, and the Return to Renton Benefit Car Show.
  • Approved amendments to City Code clarifying the interpretation of massage facility inspections.
  • Waived golf course greens fees for the Renton, Hazen, Lindbergh, and Liberty High School golf teams.
  • Waived City Center Parking garage fees for staff and attendees of the annual Salvation Army fundraising dinner.
  • Awarded the Airport Lift Station Replacement project to Equity Builders, LLC.

April Highlights

  • Proclaimed April 2014 as "Volunteer Month."
  • Reappointed Steve Beardslee, Mark Hancock, Robert Moran, Matthew Devine, and Jennifer Ann Rutkowski to the Airport Advisory Committee.
  • Approved Renton Lodging Tax Advisory Committee allocation recommendations to fund the Renton Visitors Connection, and the Renton Community Marketing Campaign.
  • Accepted $111,940 in grant funds from King County's 2014 Waste Reduction and Recycling Grant Program to fund special recycling events.
  • Accepted $150,000 in grant funds from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board and State of Washington Recreation and Conservation Office for the Lower Cedar River Assessment Puget Sound Acquisition and Restoration project.
  • Adopted 2012 International Building Code, 2012 International Fire Code, updated State codes, and a new Construction Administrative Code.
  • Accepted the gift and device of real property from the estate of Arthur R. Kenyon for the purpose of creating a park.
  • Proclaimed April 26, 2014 as "Arbor Day/Earth Day."
  • Appointed Rich Zwicker to the City Center Community Plan Advisory Board.
  • Approved an agreement to receive funds from the voter-approved King County Parks Property Tax Levy, approximately $190,000 annually.
  • Adopted the 2014 Carry-Forward Budget Amendment in the amount of $81,275,518.
  • Accepted $346,000 in grant funds from the Washington State Department of Transportation for the Lake Washington Loop Trail project.
  • Appointed Kurt Boswell, Mark Speigelman, Mike Johnson, Neil Sheesley, Melody Kroeger, Frederick Lund, Blake Misenar, and Jeffery Thomson to the Airport Advisory Committee.
  • Established the S. 132nd St. Sewer Extension Special Assessment District.
  • Adopted the Maertins Annexation, 4.2 acres located in the vicinity of NE 16th St. and SE Renton Issaquah Rd.
  • Established the zoning of the Maertins Annexation as R-4 (Residential four dwelling units per acre).
  • Declared the Sunset Area as an "Economic Target Area."

March Highlights

  • Awarded the Maplewood WTP Access Platforms and Fall Protection Improvements project to General Mechanical, Inc.
  • The City was presented with the 2014 City Cultural Diversity Award from the National League of Cities and National Black Caucus of Local Elected Officials.
  • Awarded the Monterey Terrace Water Main Replacement project to Buno Construction, Inc.
  • Waived the picnic shelter fees for the annual CROPWALK event occurring on 5/4/2014.
  • Approved a contract with King County for annual Institutional Network (I-Net) service and support.
  • Established the SR 167 Interchange Direct Connector/Talbot Hill Sewer Relocation project.
  • Approved a second addendum with Soos Creek Water & Sewer District regarding the rehabilitation of the Cascade Interceptor.
  • Extended the moratorium for six months on the issuance of permits and business licenses for medical marijuana establishments.
  • Proclaimed April 2, 2014 "National Walking Day."
  • Awarded the Highlands to Landing Pedestrian Connection project to R.L. Alia Company.
  • Accepted grant funds in the amount of $1,313,935 for the NE Sunset Blvd. (SR 900) Corridor Improvements project.
  • Added regulations and definitions to City Code related to the use, production, processing, and sales of recreational marijuana.

February Highlights

  • Proclaimed February 2014 as Renton Heart Month.
  • Waived Golf Course green fees for the Liberty High School Girls Golf Team.
  • Leased the Cedar River Boathouse to the George Pocock Rowing Foundation for five years.
  • Reappointed Martin Regge to the Planning Commission.
  • Reappointed Bill Huls, Marsha Rollinger, Natalie Gress, and Paul Hebron to the Municipal Arts Commission.
  • Approved the sales tax credit for 2014 at $3,3445,000 related to the Benson Hill Annexation.
  • Accepted $9,950,000 in grant funds from the Washington State Department of Commerce for the Central Sound Aerospace Training Center.
  • Approved the purchase of 2014-2015 ORCA Business Passports from King County.
  • Amended Renton Municipal Code regarding placing liens on chronic nuisance properties.

January Highlights

  • Proclaimed January 2014 National Mentoring Month.
  • Proclaimed January 11, 2014 Human Trafficking Awareness Month
  • Approved the Renton Police Officers' Guild - Commissioned 2013-2015 labor agreement.
  • Approved a Fire Resource Mobilization Plan reimbursement agreement with the Washington State Patrol.
  • Approved the initiation of the legalized marijuana work program with the Planning Commission.
  • Accepted $1,212,395 in grant funds from King County for basic life support services.
  • Approved Amendment III to the Landowner Collaboration for Knotweed Control on the Cedar River Project with the King Conservation District.
  • Accepted $4,618,248 in grant funds from the Washington State Transportation Improvement Board for the Logan Ave. N. (Cedar River Bridge to N. 6th St.) Improvement project.



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