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A.  The use of automated traffic safety cameras to detect a violation of RMC 10-12-1 is authorized at intersections where two arterial roadways intersect, at railroad crossings, or in school speed zones, subject to the restrictions specified in RCW 46.63.170.

B.  A law enforcement officer has the authority to issue a notice of traffic infraction when the notice of infraction is detected through the use of an automated traffic safety camera under RCW 46.63.030 and 46.63.170.

C.  A traffic infraction for violation of this Section, detected through the use of an automated traffic safety camera, shall be processed in the same manner as a parking infraction, with a monetary penalty no greater than the amount of a fine issued for other parking infractions within the City of Renton. (Ord. 5290, 6-11-07) 10-12-16 -- 10-12-21: (Rep. by Ord. 4374, 10-26-92)