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Photo Enforcement Program

We've all had to stop short of running into another car in the middle of the intersection for drivers who think they can squeak through the light.  Speeding and running red lights jeopardize public safety on a daily basis.  To counteract this danger the City of Renton implemented a photo enforcement program in May 2008.  For Phase I of the program, the city installed red light cameras at key intersections.  For Phase 2 of the program the city installed a system of sensors to capture speed and cameras to photograph the rear of the violator's vehicle and license plate.

It is important for citizens to know that photo enforcement violations do not get applied to their driving record.  The violations are not recorded by the Washington State Department of Licensing.  As with a parking ticket, it does not matter who drives the vehicle, it's the registered owner who is responsible for the violation.

Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras have been installed at the following four intersections in Renton:

     Benson Road / Carr Drive / SE Petrovitsky Road
     SW 43rd and East Valley Road 
     Rainier S and S Grady 
     Sunset N / SR 169 / Bronson Way N

School Zone Enforcement

Reduced-speed zones are being used to protect and improve the safety of children walking to and from school.  Criteria taken into consideration when setting school zone enforcement standards include the geographical environment of the arterial and school property, age of the students, and speed of vehicles to include standard reactionary time and vehicle stopping distances.  School zone flashing beacons have been programmed at the following schools. 

Speed cameras in school zones operate when lights are flashing.

For a list of current enforcement times, click here.