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Public Works

Surface Water
Street Naming
Capital Investment 

How does Renton manage surface water detention ponds?

The City of Renton will be responsible for maintaining existing surface water detention ponds that had been owned, maintained or operated by King County in the public rights-of-way. Privately owned surface water detention ponds will remain private facilities. The City of Renton is now responsible for billing properties within the Benson Hill annexation area for surface water fees. Most property owners have been paying for surface water fees with property taxes, currently paid by a mortgage company. Renton will now send out separate quarterly billings to property owners as of March 2008. In most instances, the City of Renton surface water rates are lower than King County’s. 

How can street names be changed?

All street names in the City of Renton are assigned by the Council-approved Street Grid System, and name changes must be approved by the City Council. Requests for consideration of a street name change can be made to the Development Services Division to the attention of Neil Watts. Staff will then review the request and conduct a public hearing with Council before their decision on the request.

Who will pay for infrastructure improvements (e.g., streets, parks) in the area?

The city develops priorities for these facilities as part of the city’s Capital Improvement Plan. This six-year plan will integrate the annexation area’s needs into all city-wide priorities. Generally, the cost of providing basic infrastructure such as streets and parks are paid by all property owners in the City of Renton including residents and businesses. Renton will pursue state and federal grants to fund infrastructure projects in this area just like any city project.