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Community & Economic Development

Neighborhood Program
Code Compliance
Address Changes 

How can my neighborhood become part of the Renton Neighborhood Program?

The city recognizes and supports neighborhoods through its Neighborhood Program. The program helps citizens make improvements through neighborhood grants. It also facilitates neighborhood picnics, bringing neighbors together for food and fun. Interested groups can organize a neighborhood association and apply to be an officially recognized neighborhood. To get started, a group of committed neighbors work together to form the association or contact the city via an established homeowner’s association.  Renton staff is available to work with residents interested in forming new Officially Recognized Neighborhoods.  Read more about the Neighborhood Program.

How will the area be zoned for land use?

The city reviewed King County zoning in 2007 and amended Renton’s Comprehensive Plan this year to create zoning for Benson Hill consistent with zoning throughout the city. Renton's planning strategy supports funneling the most dense development into Downtown Renton and surplus Boeing property and into smaller commercial nodes throughout the city. 

What will happen with existing land use permitsbuilding permits, and projects under construction?

The City of Renton will honor subdivisions, short plats, and other projects that have already vested under King County development standards, and King County will continue the permit review and project inspections that were submitted prior to annexation. Permit processing for projects submitted after March 1, 2008, will conform to city regulations, and all plan reviews and inspections will be handled by the city.

Which Renton codes are different?

The city has a team of staff to educate and support residents to comply with city code. Some of the most common residential code violations include the accumulation of garbage, junk vehicles on private property, construction or grading without a permit, unsecured vacant buildings, low-hanging tree branches growing over sidewalks or streets, illegal operation of a business, over-height fences, or illegal signs on private property. Fire code regulations are similar to King County codes.

Will my address change?

No. Renton’s City Council confirmed that newly annexed areas will retain their street addresses. There may be rare instances where a historic street name does not reflect the street’s official name and will need to be changed.