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Councilmember Armondo Pavone

 Pavone 2016

Serving since 2014
Current term expires 2017

Council President
Chair: Committee of the Whole

Interested in Working Together to Protect the Quality of Life in Renton


Councilmember Pavone and his wife, Angela, live on Renton Hill with their two young boys, Roman and Dominic. Pavone has deep roots in the Renton community. His father, John, retired after 24 years of service with the Renton Police Department.  He was born and raised in this community and is a graduate of Renton High School.

In 1985, he opened Armondo’s Café Italiano.  And, in 2001, he helped open The Melrose Grill.  Both restaurants have been very popular in the downtown Renton core.

Armondo is currently active with the Renton Chamber of Commerce, Renton Hill Neighborhood Association and a board member of the region’s Economic Development Council and a member of Renton Rotary since 1996.  He was one of the founding members of the Renton Blue Ribbon Committee and a member and past president of the Downtown Renton Association.  Both of these organizations were responsible for changing the direction of the city and credited with attracting new development and jobs to the community. 

Pavone says serving on the City Council is a continuation of his commitment to play a role in Renton's future.  "I have watched this city evolve from a small manufacturing town into a desired community to live and operate a business.  Renton has earned the respect of the entire region for being a progressive, quality city, where people work together for the good of the community." 

Councilmember Pavone cited the quality of Renton schools and the rich diversity of the community that makes Renton a special place to live.  "We have quality parks and schools and many public amenities that continue to attract new families here," he said. "I look forward to working with other councilmembers and the city administration to make sure that we protect, and even improve, the quality of life in Renton."


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