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City Center Parking Garage

Parking Garage ArtThe City Center Garage is located at 655 South 2nd Street (on the corner of Burnett and 2nd). The garage doors are open from 4:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m.  There is no overnight parking allowed in the garage.  If your vehicle is in the garage when the doors are down and you want to exit, you must dial 911 and a Renton Police Officer can come to the site to open the exit door.  The City of Renton manages this location and is pleased to offer the following parking options:

Parking Options:

  1. Park and Ride; these stalls are available for Park and Ride customers only.  This space is reserved from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. and limited to 

    stall numbers 412-562.

     These spaces are first-come, first-serve.

  2. Daily Parking; any non-reserved stalls numbers 1-411 (first come/first serve)  is available for daily parking.  All vehicles using this facility for daily parking must register at the pay stations including those utilizing the two-hour free parking.  Pay stations only accept credit / debit cards.  No cash or check is accepted.  The pay stations are located on the first floor at the bottom of both staircases.

    Rates are as follows:
    0-2 Hours = Free  (must register vehicle even if parking at no fee)
    2-4 Hours = $2.00
    4-6 Hours = $4.00
    6-10 Hours = $6.00
    10 hours + = $10.00
    Debit / credit cards only - the parking machines do not accept cash or check.

  3. Monthly Parking is available in spaces 1-411 (first come/first serve).  Please contact the Community Services Department of the City of Renton by calling (425) 430-6609 or (425) 430-6600. We can assist you in obtaining monthly permits, arrange payment types, and set up an account for recurring monthly permits.   Monthly parking permits can be paid by check using monthly invoicing, or in person at City Hall by credit/debit card/cash.  Additionally, we are happy to address any general questions about the garage.  The monthly parking permit fee is $35.00, which includes tax.  You can also pay by phone by calling in with your "invoice number" and an electronic payment method..

For additional questions about the garage, please contact Jessi Merriman at (425) 430-6609 or Community Services at (425) 430-6600.