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Maintenance Division

Residents and businesses can request maintenance services by completing the online maintenance service request or calling 425.430.7400.  This could include potholes, brush cutting, roadside debris, water line leak, storm drainage problems, or sewer back up.  By sending our online service request, we can ensure that your request gets to the right department so we can effectively complete your requests in a timely manner.

Street Maintenance
Water Maintenance
Solid Waste
Wastewater/Surface Water Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance
Maintenance Supply Purchasing/Hydrant Meter Rental

Street Maintenance

This section provides safe and clean city streets and sidewalks to Renton citizens, and maintains these properties in the most cost-effective ways possible. This section maintains all curbs and streets and assists with sidewalk repairs.  The City of Renton, as of 2015, has 315.5 center line miles and 753.1 lane miles of streets and right of ways. This division is responsible for sweeping and cleaning the city streets and right-of-ways, along with overseeing the street overlay projects and snow and ice maintenance.

We are Renton Ready!!
We have 9 sanders, 10 trucks with plows, 3 Anti Icer Applicator trucks.   All sanders and plows have been loaded and tested, any issues or repairs have been completed by the operators and our awesome Fleet Maintenance mechanics.

The 3 Anti-Icing applicator trucks, 1600 gallon+ a plow, a 300 gallon and a 150 gallon, have been loaded, tested and calibrated.
We have 9000 gallons of Liquid Anti-icer , Freezgard (Magnesium Chloride w/ corrosion inhibitor) in our storage tanks ready to go. Our Vendor is ready if we need more material for a storm event.
We have a stockpile of approximately 250 ton of road salt on hand.
We also have approximately 1000+ ton of sand, we currently use a sand/salt mix of 25% salt.
This division has 15 street maintenance workers plus one night sweeper operator.  We have had several formal training sessions covering all winter operations and anti-icing applications with the drivers and alternate drivers.  All drivers studied their route map books and drove their respective routes so that they are familiar with what they look like without snow. Our city streets look completely different when covered in snow.  This pre check of the routes helps them to prevent plow and truck damage when the snow fight begins.  We have the city divided into 5 regions and the trucks are distributed as evenly as possible, based on the hills and major arterials.

Priority routes are Arterials, Secondary Arterials and Collectors, Bridges, schools, hospitals and Fire Stations are always first to be hit.
We pretreat as many of these major routes as soon as we know an event is on its way with Anti- Icer, this helps to keep ice and snow from bonding to the pavement and allows quicker snow removal through plowing.

Once we are confident that these routes are as safe as possible, we begin hitting major roads through residential areas.
The 17 person crew is split into two 12 hour shifts AM & PM.

Crew start times are split within this 12 hr period to ensure that we are covered for the heavy commute hours.
5 AM – 5 PM, 7 AM – 7 PM, and 5 PM – 5 AM , 7 PM – 7 AM

Drivers are prepared to take over other routes if equipment breaks down or personnel availability changes.

Water Maintenance

This section maintains and repairs pipes, pumping systems, reservoirs and meters. The employees in this section are dedicated to promoting public health and welfare by assuring the best available water quality in sufficient quantity.

Renton's water originates from wells that are drilled into the Cedar Valley aquifer. Renton's water system consists of: one spring, nine wells, eight reservoirs, 12 pump stations, 305 miles of pipe, 3,639fire hydrants, and 17,370 water meters. The water maintenance section annually performs more than 1,200 water tests and 3,275 hydrant tests. Every year it also adds 53,000 pounds of fluoride for dental prevention and 22,500 pounds of chlorine to help kill bacteria.

For emergencies such as leaky water meters, no water, broken pipes, or flooding of residential streets or businesses, please call (425) 430-7400. After 3:30 p.m. or on weekends, if the emergency cannot wait until the next working day, contact the Renton Police Department at (425) 430-7500. For questions or inquiries about a water bill, contact the billing department at (425) 430-6852.

Solid Waste

This section is responsible for picking up debris along roadsides and debris that has been illegally dumped. Together with code compliance, guilty parties are tracked and charged with a fine. Last year 1 Solid Waste employee removed 50-60 ton of debris. To inquire about regular garbage service, call Waste Management Rainier at (206) 243-4050.

Wastewater/Surface Water Maintenance

This section performs preventative maintenance and repairs to the city’s wastewater and surface water systems.  These systems include 27 sanitary sewer pump stations, two storm water pump stations, more than 190 miles of sewer pipe, and 215 miles of storm pipe, catch basins and manholes.  In addition, the wastewater and surface water crews respond to sewer back-ups and flooding incidents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The wastewater and surface water team is dedicated to ensuring that all utilities are functioning properly, and is working to protect the water quality and environment of our lakes, rivers and streams.  Customer service and public safety are the commitment of this team.

Fleet Maintenance

This section repairs and maintains all park maintenance, police, fire, and public works equipment. Parts, supplies and fuel is procured for 399 pieces of capital equipment plus numerous other pieces of small equipment. Last year, city vehicles used 154,000 gallons of gas and drove a total of 1,683,000 miles. In addition, 3,515 repairs were made to city vehicles and equipment. It is the responsibility of six mechanics to maintain a fleet which includes: 207 city vehicles, 115 pieces of equipment, 54 police vehicles, 11 fire trucks, six aid cars, five motorcycles, and one parking ticket scooter.

Maintenance Supply Purchasing/Hydrant Meter Rental

Maintenance section supply orders are accomplished by the purchasing staff at the City of Renton Public Works Maintenance Shops.  The purchasing responsibilities include the following sections: Street, Surface Water, Wastewater, Water, and Fleet Maintenance. 

Commodities ordered include: Police, Fire and Fleet vehicles, tools, construction equipment and safety supplies.

Purchasing contacts are:
Vanessa Poorman, C.P.M., Maintenance Buyer, 425-430-7445
Kristin Francavilla, Purchasing Assistant, 425-430-7411
David Hohn, Fleet Manager, 425-430-7440
Tom Brain, Fleet Management Technician, 425-430-7440

For Hydrant Meter Rentals, please contact the Permits Department at 425-430-7266 to apply for a hydrant meter permit or to obtain current fees and procedures. Once the permit has been purchased and issued, please contact Kristin Francavilla at 425-430-7411 to schedule a time to pick up the hydrant meter. Questions concerning procedure may also be addressed to Vanessa Poorman.