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Ready in Renton

Are you prepared? In a major disaster,
it might be several days before vital services are restored.

Our area is vulnerable to a wide variety of hazards, both natural and man-made. Earthquakes, severe storms, power outages, and floods are just some of the emergencies we may experience. Ready in Renton, a citywide campaign, works to provide you with information and resources to help you be better prepared to take care of yourself and those that depend on you in an emergency. 

Check out the What to do to Make it Through website, where there are videos and real stories.

Get Ready – Get Connected

Connecting You to What You Need in an Emergency 

One important need everyone has during a disaster is the ability to communicate.  Whether you’re receiving vital information and safety instructions or trying to re-connect with loved ones, being connected before, during and after an emergency is important to everyone.  Here is what you need to know to get and stay connected. 

Neighborhood Information Centers

Under disaster conditions normal communication methods may be disrupted. As an alternative to electronic communications, important information can be posted at the neighborhood information centers located at the main entrance of Renton public schools within the city limits, as well as at the main entrance of the Maplewood Golf Course. Use this map to locate the one closest to you.

AlertRenton Emergency Notification System

To help us reach you with important messages in an emergency, sign up with AlertRenton.  You will need to enroll in the service to be sure you receive these emergency alerts, especially if you don’t have a landline. 
Add to your phone contacts, when applicable. 
866-419-5000 or Emergency Comm for Emergency Notifications
855-969-4636 or ECN Community for General Notifications

If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.

E-ALERT Email Alert System      SIGN UP NOW 

E-alert is a free email and digital subscription service that allows the public to subscribe to topics of interest and receive instant, automated email notifications or text messages. Renton residents can sign up to receive updates on topics of interest such as emergency alerts, news releases, recreation programs, neighborhood news, transportation and construction updates and other timely information.

Emergency Alert System (EAS)

You have probably heard the distinct tones of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) interrupt your radio or TV program. Always listen closely to the EAS warning, it might not be a test.  Pay close attention to the information it provides for your safety and that of those that depend on you. You can have EAS warnings automatically sent to you by text message, pager, or email by signing up for free at

NOAA Weather Radio

The NOAA weather radio is a valuable piece of equipment that can warn your household of an impending emergency, whether it is a weather related emergency or another kind of crisis that has resulted in an Emergency Alert System activation. Before you add a NOAA radio to your emergency supplies kit, be sure it has a backup power system and carries the Public Alert logo. Check that it also has "S.A.M.E." "Specific Area Message Encoding" programming capability. This allows you to receive only the messages specific to your area. Some NOAA weather radios can issue an alert for the hearing impaired. NOAA Weather Radios can be found at local stores and online.

Critical Information Page on  

The City of Renton has a Critical Information page on its web site and when there is important emergency information to be shared you’ll be able to find it quickly by logging on to  You can sign up to receive update notifications via email to ensure you stay informed.

Preparedness Training Available

One sure way to get yourself and family ready to survive an emergency, weather a storm or be able to help your community in a disaster, is by enrolling in one of the many exciting and valuable classes being offered through the Renton Emergency Preparedness Academy (REPA). REPA is a partnership between the City of Renton, the American Red Cross and Renton Technical College. Classes cover a variety of topics and most are free. For example, classes being offered this fall can help you become a licensed amateur radio operator, prepare your home or business for flood or help you become a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member. Be sure to check out the entire list of classes. You can register for classes on-line at cybersignup or call 425-430-6700 for more information.  


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